ORFS at Bradley Lake, New Hampshire

Tuesday, June 7: Another Tuesday, and Outdoor Recreation for Seniors (ORFS) was out again, this time to Bradley Lake in Andover, New Hampshire. It was a glorious day, and 17 of us were out in kayaks, with another few walking, going around the lake and then eating lunch on the shore when we returned.

One couple has a pair of super squirt water guns; in theory they only spray each other, but sometimes others get caught in the crossfire! When I was overheating, about 3/4 of the way around the lake, I requested (and received) a spray of cooling water.

Fish eggs? frog eggs? Some kind of eggs!

More Adventures in Northern Vermont

Tuesday, October 12: The afternoon activity of the day was to give our Maryland friends an opportunity to try out my inflatable kayak, and after doing so, they are now on a path to acquire one! Or two. We went over to Shelburne Pond, an area of conserved land, so that all the development one sees along the water are the farms at each end of the lake. Each of them took a turn, and then Chris went out for a longer paddle, while I sat happily with my knitting.

Then we went on to visit Champlaine Chocolates, in South Burlington, and a couple of wine and cheese shops, gathering goodies as we went. The chocolate company has a deserved reputation for excellence. On the way home, we went past a community garden full of dahlias –

the colors of which were echoed in the reflection of the sunset in the windows.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Kayaking Corker’s Creek

Before I forget, Julie is a new blogger: https://journeyswithjauntie.wordpress.com/  She is also an artist, and some of what she puts in her blog are images of her artwork, as well as photographs and commentary. I found it interesting to compare our experiences of the same places.

Sunday, May 2: The expedition of the day was to kayak from the marina at the Shad Landing marina, part of Pokomoke River State Park. It was the first time out this year for both of us – and I don’t think Genne had ever been kayaking before. We chose the relatively sheltered route around the island, on the Corker’s Creek Blackwater Canoe Trail, a little less than two miles around. It was a lovely day, and perfect weather for the outing.

Note that Genne’s life jacket matches the boat; she is so fashion conscious!

Do we know what this plant is? Well, no – but it makes clouds of those delicate white flowers this time of year.

This goose was staying discrete – quiet and close to the shore.
And our return to the landing.

Visiting Mom

Our 98 year old mother lives at an assisted living facility in Connecticut. They are very serious about keeping the residents, and employees, safe and healthy.  Also the animals!

Everyone who enters goes through a health screening, and wears a mask. Visits are outdoors in the garden. Mom doesn’t retain why she’s expected to wear a mask, although that doesn’t concern me given that I’m masked, and over six feet away.

The weather was perfect – not too hot, slight breeze, and shade provided by the trumpet creeper on the trellis overhead.

These grapes were growing along the parking lot – if Mom saw them, and 20 years younger, she’d be making jam!

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Upstate New York on the Farm

Dawn, the next morning:

Thursday, August 13 – Sunday, August 16: What follows are some of the images that caught my eye on the farm. First, there’s Blizz –

We toured the land, including the sugar house

And to the top of the hill, for the views

There’s an old shale quarry up there, with interesting stones:

Back down through the woods,

And around some of the spring-fed ponds, with fish.

Friday I went kayaking (a different post), and on Saturday we did a road trip up to visit a horse, and in the barn was this very friendly turkey.

Then, on Sunday, it was time to head home – here’s a photo from the ride home, in Wilmington, Vermont.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, to Upstate New York

Wednesday, August 12: After kayaking with ORFS on Tuesday, followed by lunch with the group – physically distanced, and outdoors, with box lunches provided by the host, I made a quick stop at home and then headed for Bennington, where I wanted to have my friend try on the sweater I’m making for her. The morning dawned beautiful,

and we visited outdoors, exploring the sunflower forest and other gardens.

In the early afternoon, I left for New York, arriving in time for a beautiful sunset.

McClellan Park Day Trip

McClellan Park sign

Thursday, July 30: The household took a lunch break at McClellan Park. Another beautiful day, and the park is along Narraguagus Bay. McClellan Park view 4McClellan Park view 2McClellan Park view 3McClellan Park viewMcClellan Park view 5McClellan Park view 1Those more agile than I walked the rocks further, exploring tide pools.  McClellan Park Tasha & NatThis wood lily is one none of us had seen before.

McClellan Park fernAnother beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Kayaking Pine River

Pine River signThis apparently goes to Ossipee Lake – but I went upstream, the other direction. The water was COLD – spring fed? and I am glad I didn’t go swimming! Although I was never far from shore. Pine River view 2Pine River view

Pine River damselfliesThere were a fair number of obstructions – one had a kayak-width hole cut by chainsaw, another I was able to squeeze under, and I went around an island to come at an attempted beaver dam from the other direction.  Pine River barrier 1Pine River obstruction 2

It was a good day for reflections.

Pine River reflection 1Pine River reflection 2Pine River reflection 2Pine River reflection 3I would have liked to have gone further upstream, although the current was increasing as I went – but I had places to go and things to do.

Kayaking Grafton Pond

Grafton Pond eagleBird of the day! I spent at least half an hour drifting around this eagle; it kept an eye on me, between grooming its feathers. But to start at the beginning:

Yesterday’s planned ORFS outing kayaking here at Grafton Pond in New Hampshire was cancelled because of the likelihood of nasty weather. But today was great – mostly cloudy, with sunny breaks, not too hot. I had a good time, even though I didn’t get to have that good time with my friends. There were lots of people – the parking lot was full and I had to park on the road – but there is enough space out on the water so I was rarely close  to anyone, and often couldn’t even see others.

This mushroom was across the road from where I parked. I’m glad I got its picture early as it faded while I was out on the water!  Grafton Pond 'shroomIt was a good day for birds – kingfishers,

and loons – Grafton Pond loonGrafton Pond viewThe water is low – to the point where there’s none going over the spillway. There were a couple of places where I’m accustomed to going between islands and couldn’t, Grafton Pond thin waterand usually I have no problem going over this old stone wall. This time I had to go around. Grafton Pond over stone wallGrafton Pond white flowerAs I was making my way back to the launch, I was surprised to see another Roadtrek in the parking lot! There hadn’t been room for mine when I got there; I was a little jealous! Grafton Pond RT