Kayaking the Connecticut River

Friday, September 16: A friend and I went out for a brief paddle on the Connecticut River, leaving from Hoyt’s Landing, Springfield, Vermont. It was a beautiful day – perfect temperature, sunny, and calm.

Then it was back to the landing so my friend could get to work.

ORFS at McDaniels Marsh

This Outdoor Recreation for Seniors outing was cancelled – but not until I’d already left. As it turned out, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get the memo – the leaders were there (they decided that sun coming through was reason enough to head out) and they called another friend; another couple had also come without getting the message. It was mostly cloudy – but hot and muggy when the sun did come out. This is a great place for wildlife.

Pulling Water Chestnut, Mattabesset River

A pack of paddlers showed up for the first of the season water chestnut pull in Middletown, Connecticut. The plants are small this time of year – and tender, making it harder to get the root and the seed so that they don’t regrow. These plants have the potential to completely cover an area, shading out the local plants. But we bagged a bunch, while also enjoying the ospreys fishing, the great blue herons,

the mallards, and swans with their cygnets

and some turtles.

It was hot and sunny, a good day to be on the water. Pulling these plants was easier before the wind came up, but even then one could make it work to advantage, letting the wind push the boat down onto some plants, then grabbing and pulling – gently!

Travel Challenge Photo #7

It is SO HARD to pick one photo from my best wildlife photos – maybe after I finish this challenge, I’ll post the best 10 from wildlife? I’ll blame Gumtrees and Galaxies for throwing me this dilemma!

I know who I’m suggesting this time, but I’m doing it privately as they’ve not blogged in well over a year. They’ve done a lot of travel, by land and by sea, and have some stunning photos – but I don’t want to publicly put them on the spot.