Hat, Completed

Let’s try this again! I thought I posted this yesterday – but it looks like it got stuck along the way. This was an unfinished project, languishing while I worked on other projects – no one needs a hat when it’s hot out! I pulled it out last week, finishing it on Friday, and lightly blocked it yesterday. I have a box of small amounts of yarn, and had pulled out a selection of fall colors to use for this; I used up about half a dozen small balls. Some were very small – but no longer having them in my stash is a win!  

Saturday Knitting in Brattleboro

Saturday, March 26: I left Connecticut fairly early, and headed to Brattleboro, Vermont, to hang out with Quaker Knitting Goddesses for the day. We did a brief field trip to the local yarn shop (Handknits – a not very imaginative name!); this flying saucer is on the side of an art gallery across the street. I hadn’t brought enough yarn to work on the dog sweater, so I started a pair of socks with yarn I did have.

Completed Mittens

I just finished these mittens for the middle granddaughter – a Christmas gift (she didn’t request them until New Years, so they’re a little late!) that she’ll get before the end of January. They are very simple – she wanted warm, so they are Lopi, from Reynolds, knit on needles two sizes small –  it makes for a very dense fabric! I used 92 grams for the pair, with yarn passed on by one of the Quaker Knitting Goddesses that was sitting in her stash, then mine.

Knitted Gloves

Middle granddaughter requested knit gloves for Christmas. They are going to be a little late – you wouldn’t believe how long it takes to knit all those fingers! I don’t feel I ever need to knit another pair, and if it hadn’t been a request from a special person, I wouldn’t have done it this time, either.

The yarn is old, and from stash – the label says Schaffhauser Wolle, Soirée, a 75% wool/25% silk blend. How do I know it’s old? The price on it is 25 cents! The pattern is Cassandra’s Gloves, from a Jane Austen Knits magazine, 2015. If I ever need a lightweight pair of mittens, I’d use this pattern and consolidate the fingers; I enjoyed doing the mini-cable pattern.