Kayaking on the Connecticut River from Herrick’s Cove

Flowers in the garden at the restaurant where we retired teachers gathered for lunch today.

After lunch, three of us went to the Herrick’s Cove launch on the Connecticut River. It was quite windy, so we stayed along the more sheltered west bank, going south and then north. But first, we met Yarrow!

He is playing soccer with the biggest rock he could find at the boat launch! His person would throw it as far as he could, almost deep enough to require swimming, and Yarrow would use his paws to push and pull it in to shore. And again. And again. It looked like he would be happy to do that for hours, but his person had had enough, and they left. Then we were out on the water, enjoying a beautiful day.

Something, I don’t know what, had laid these egg cases on the rocks along the river.
Baby pine cones over the river

Kayaking Herricks Cove, Vermont

Thursday, September 3: On my way in the dirt road that leads to Herrick’s Cove, these fawns greeted me. Well, that’s a little strong – they departed briskly when I stopped to take photos!

This cove is nestled in behind where the Williams River joins the Connecticut River. This late in the year, it has lots of water lilies and lily pads, and pickerel weed patches.

Where the highway crossed the Williams River, they are replacing a very high bridge – with lots of cranes to help.

That’s the view up the Williams River; here’s the view south on the Connecticut River.

It’s hard to believe the wind was that still in the late morning! There was wildlife as well – I chose that cove because it often has lots of herons and egrets, but I had to paddle out into the Connecticut to see even one heron.

And then it was back into the cove

where grabbing this root mass made it much easier to exit the kayak!