On the Road Again – Portland to San Antonio, Part 1

JD picked me up and we left Portland in rain. And it rained. And rained. Our stop for the night was in New Milford, Connecticut, at Candlelight Farms signat dusk, in light rain. The first thing, after checking in, was to unload the three horses and get them settled. The ground was mud and puddles – the next day it was frozen solid! I hadn’t known there was such a thing as a “horse hotel,” but this is one – and a B&B, so there were accommodations for people as well as horses. Candlelight Farms hoof prints

All photos were taken the next morning, starting as the sun came over the hill behind me – the view from my window:Candlelight Farms dawn

I went walking about before breakfast. The Inn is primarily a wedding venue, so there are lots of arches:

The photo of the bell is not great – I would have liked the buildings a little darker, and the car not there – but part of the point of this blog is not to manipulate photos beyond cropping, and hey – it’s a great bell!

On either side of the front door:

The horse barn and some inhabitants:

Those are two of ours, Rita and Tommy.

There are a pair of old (and cared for) maples in the front, and at the foot of one, a bicycle built for two.

.Candlelight Farms maple

Candlelight Farms maple bikeCandlelight Farms parking

And then, indoors –

Candlelight Farms kitchen all

Carl and Nancy were wonderful hosts, and we were fed a wonderful breakfast of croissants, eggs scrambled or omelets, potatoes, yogurt parfaits, coffee – lots of it, for the coffee dependent. They were generous with food, company, information, humor – all one could want in a host. We stayed until noonish, visiting with them and with JD’s friends who had come to join us. We eventually loaded up and departed; this is our rig.Candlelight Farms our rigOur next stop: Advantage Ranch,  in Virginia. It’s a long way; with that late start, we pulled in in the early hours of the next morning.