Paint Choices: Chester, Vermont

Chester is a charming and vibrant Vermont town, with lots of small shops (including an independent bookstore) and lots of history. For a small town, it has a lot of fine dining, and artwork, not least of which is the effort put into the painting of its houses. It also has a local yarn store, and I go nearly weekly to knit with others, so I’m in Chester a lot. I decided that Chester deserved its own Paint Choices page – and I didn’t even get all the thoughtfully colored examples!

Kayaking Otter Pond with ORFS

Tuesday, June 29: Another Tuesday, another gathering of ORFS (Outdoor Recreation for Seniors), this time on Otter Pond in New London, New Hampshire. It was HOT!!! I’m not sure quite how hot, but unpleasantly so. I started out by swimming before getting in the kayak, had an unintentional swim flipping the boat reentering after lunch, and dunked one last time before getting in the camper and driving away. And gee, I never overheated!

The Sheep Laurel is still blooming, splashing hot pink along the lakeside.
A float plane used to live at this house; I’ve not seen it for a couple of years, though.

That house really belongs in the Color Choices series, but I’m putting it here, instead.

It was great to be on the water, in the water, around the water on this very hot and humid day. I’m grateful to live in New England where we have lots of water for recreation, and kayaks, and good friends.

Paint Choices #10

This is obviously not a single dwelling, in Northampton, Massachusetts, but it is a popular combination of colors. And this next is not a house at all – it’s the Vermont Welcome Center in Hartford, Vermont.

Paint Choices #7

Takoma Park, in Maryland just north of Washington DC, has lots of adventurous paint choices! I’ve never seen as many purple houses anywhere else. But this is the one that caught my eye this trip – I even went around the block so I could take its photo.

Paint Choices #6

This was the first house I photographed for the color while commuting between Vermont and Connecticut. I didn’t realize it would become a blog series! So I didn’t label where it was taken – somewhere in central Massachusetts. I picture someone walking around putting paint chips together and taking time and thought to get it right.

Paint Choices #5

Not everyone wants to blend in with the surrounding area – unusual paint choices are one way to make a house stand out. Not everyone chooses to do the expected, and Victorian houses provide a great excuse, with all their ornamentation. I would not necessarily make the same choices, but I’m also glad we don’t all make the same choices! I know the first house is in Northampton, Massachusetts, and maybe the second one as well, but I didn’t label that one.

Paint Choices, #4

It’s not just the owners of Victorians who are brave in their color choices! But I will admit that I live in a house in the woods, with naturally colored wood siding and a brown metal roof. Maybe if I lived in suburbia, I’d be more adventurous. I don’t have to stand out in the crowd when there’s no crowd around.