Wildlife Photo Challenge, Number 9

Where the Yeocomico River meets the Potomac in Virginia, the trees are cluttered with eagles. There aren’t always this many, but nearly every time I’m there and outdoors, I see at least one. Kayaking I can paddle past a few trees with nests. This photo was taken early enough in the morning they hadn’t headed out yet; when I came back past an hour or so later, there were only a couple still hanging out. Note how disinterested they are as I paddle past!

Wildlife Photo Challenge, Number 2

Speaking of unlikely birds, how about the pelican? As was  noted in comments yesterday, these are strange birds. I think the above photo was taken in Florida; I know the following one was in Virginia. Both were taken from the kayak.

My personal ground rules for this challenge: nothing that’s been on the blog in the past year. I’m not excluding Vermont this time, although I’m not sure I’ll post anything from here.

Informal Wildlife Photo Challenge, Number 1

I had so much fun with the travel challenge, I decided to go through my wildlife photos, and post the ten I like best, starting with this ibis. Looks like more humor from the Creator! Most, if not all, of the ones I’m choosing are taken from the kayak, so there are lots of waterfowl. This was taken paddling through the mangroves in Florida, just south of Sarasota.

If anyone else thinks this sounds like fun, join in and let’s have fun!

One of my favorite blogs is https://throughopenlens.com/   The photos are stunning (he has a much better camera than I!), and info about the creature, mostly birds, and a short silly joke make for a quick and positive post.

Kayaking Lake Ninevah, Vermont

Friday, August 7: Having sent my family off to hike the Long Trail, I met two friends at Lake Ninevah, near Mt. Holly, Vermont. It’s not large, but has loons, geese, ducks, pitcher plants, and no crowds, at least on a weekday.
These swans are fake.
And this is one of the classier kayak transports I’ve seen!

I’m finding the new block editor in WordPress incredibly frustrating. It doesn’t want to pull photos from my media library; I can’t find a way to tile them the way I want; it has taken as many as four tries to get a photo inserted. I can find “categories” – but when I click on one, it takes me to previous posts of that category. How do I label this one??? Same with tags… And it seems to take more bandwidth than the old version. Yuck.

Kayaking Lake Wicwas, New Hampshire

Lk. Wicwas 8/6Saturday, August 1: One has to drive through New Hampshire to get from Maine home to Vermont. And one drives past a lot of pieces of water! I chose this one; I’ve driven past many times, but never paddled here. There were a lot of people on the lake – power boats and various paddle craft, water skiers and people towed on various other things. But keeping to the edges, I was mostly on my own. Lk. Wicwas 8/6 birds nestI paddled under this nest, not seeing it until a couple of birds exploded out from over my head! I was at least as startled as they were! Lk. Wicwas 8/6 cardinal flower

Lk. Wicwas 8/6 clouds

Lk. Wicwas 8/6 tentOn an island, with No Trespassing signs everywhere.

I am amazed that loons successfully raise chicks, with all the speeding boats around! But there were at least three loon sightings – including the adult and two chicks on the left.

And views of the lake, at the beginning and end of my paddle. Lk. Wicwas 8/6 viewLk. Wicwas 8/6 view 2

Kayaking around Pinkham Island, Maine

Pinkham Island Preserve signSunday, July 26, Milbridge, Maine: My two friends and I went out in the kayaks, to circumnavigate Pinkham Island. Before we’d gone far, we saw three of the eagles that apparently nest on Pinkham Island – at least, one is not supposed to hike the island until mid-August, so as not to disturb them. Pinkham eagleOur goal was to pick up trash from along the shoreline, with particular attention to lobster bouys, with which to enhance the bridge – photo some future post! There is way too much plastic littering the shoreline, and we loaded all three kayaks. IMG_8947 (1)IMG_8943Pinkham rock w/ferns

Pinkham Is. return, TashaTosha was very happy to see her people return!

Kayaking Goose Pond, Canaan, NH

Goose Pond ORFSThis is a poor picture. But when I tried again for this shot showing a flock of ORFS (Outdoor Recreation for Seniors) my camera battery died. Grumble. So I didn’t get photos of the rest of the outing, or the loons (although no loon picture would have been as good as Grafton Pond last week!) or the home made ice cream (Kitchen Sink, Nutella, Peanut Butter and Choc., Berry, Swiss German Chocolate) that was brought to share for dessert. It was a gorgeous day, with about 17 kayaks, a few degrees cooler than it’s been, and a little less humid.

Kayaking Echo Lake

Saturday, July 18: HOT!!! Weekends are not my favorite time to be on lakes with power boats racing around, but it was HOT!!! So the neighbor and I went over to Plymouth State Park, in central Vermont, where we could easily launch the kayaks. It was crowded on the beach; we didn’t go there. Many people were sunbathing at a good distance from others – by taking their paddleboards out.  Echo Lk beachThere were geese – in the same place as we went out and as we returned. Must be good feeding.  Echo Lk geese 1This is a well populated lake, with lots of houses and cottages, docks and rafts. This pup was on a raft with three of its humans, very happy to be out there. He did look like jumping in my kayak crossed his mind, though. Echo Lk dogThat’s three days out in the kayak this week – I’m back to last year’s pace. I have some catching up to do!

Kayaking the Connecticut River

Thursday, 7/16: A friend and I have been talking for weeks about getting our boats out – and today we did it! We launched from Claremont, New Hampshire, paddled up river to check out a clay deposit, and back. Ct River view 1

Ct River islandCt River far bankIt was another nice day, mostly cloudy with breaks of sun, not too hot, and not crowded on the river. There was enough flow in the river to drift slowly when going downstream.