Kayaking Knapp Pond II

Tuesday, November 10: Another warm and beautiful day,  with little breeze to ruffle the water!

There was plenty of evidence of beaver – the well used slide on the left led to several beaver chewed stumps, and the lodge on the right – with its ample larder – is one of the bigger ones I’ve seen.

I met a couple of friends also out for a paddle, and we sat in our boats and visited for quite a while.

I played with taking photos of many reflections, with the still water.

The phragmites was glowing in the late afternoon light.

Another friend was walking with her granddaughter along the dam, and we visited briefly – but the light was dimming fast!

And the view as I loaded up the kayak:

Kayaking Knapp Pond I

Friday, November 6: It was spring, already! Warm and sunny, I rewarded my work on the woodpile by getting the boat on water.

There was a wind event in this area last spring; just down the hill the woods have been almost completely cleared of standing trees. There were trees down all around the pond.

Partridge berry? Wintergreen berries? Next time I’ll get close enough to see!
The only larch in sight – looking like a bright candle.

I’ve never seen a horse here – but there were two humans, this horse and a dog, walking around the edges of the pond. He was skeptical about this humanoid thing floating on the water, but not scared enough to rip that lead line out of his person’s hands. After visiting with the humans, and letting the horse see that I wasn’t dangerous, I went back out to go around the islands for a little more exercise.