Christmas Knitting

I was still working on market bag number 3 on Christmas Day – but it didn’t need to be delivered until two days later, so that was OK! Here are bags numbers 2 and 3:

Somehow, my nephew has become a football fan, and living in Baltimore, had to have a Ravens purple warm hat. It also got a pompom, in purple and black – but not until after I’d taken its photo! I rarely knit in purple, it being one of my least favorite colors, so I actually had to go BUY yarn for this! Not a great photo; I failed to notice the smudges on the lens at the time. But you knitters will get the idea! Ravens purple hatDear nephew gave me a very nice skein of sock yarn – also purple! The whole family was wondering why he was giving me purple yarn – it turns out he is hoping for a pair of purple socks to wear to keep his tootsies warm next season!

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Newport, NC

Newport AmberAmber is young, and energetic! She hasn’t learned, yet, that chasing the ball (or other toy) requires that she let go of it first. I spent a lot of time both indoors and out, and learned that for the best play experience, one should have two items – she’d bring back and drop one if she thought you’d throw the other! And the weather outside was good for knitting, if we weren’t out and about seeing the sights; this leaf landed on me, the colors going well with my project.  Newport knitting/leafIn spite of mild frost, there were still delicate flowers in protected areas.

My last night there, we went out for seafood dinner in Morehead City; the restaurant featured a wall of antique outboard motors. (Photo by Jan – I’d not taken my camera.)

old outboardsIt was with reluctance that I left the cousins, my playmate Amber – and a really good knitting chair. Not only was it in a well lit corner, but it had yarn bowls built into the arms!  Newport perfect chairOn my way out of town, I saw that the “Plant Farm” had had too many plants,   Newport plant farmor at least that one was in the wrong place.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Finished Knitting

I’ve been knitting any time there wasn’t something else going on – and I’ve completed more than I really had planned to, so am ahead of my knitting schedule! The three stockings are for a friend who will make a donation in return; the market bag is a gift for the oldest granddaughter. (I don’t think she follows the blog – if she does, she’ll get a preview!)stockings 12/19market bag 12/19In addition, I’ve started another market bag (another gift), a pair of socks with yarn from Prince Edward Island, and a shawl for which I need more yarn. It’s being a very productive trip!

Kayaking Swift Creek, Virginia

Petersburg Swift Creek sign

Sunday, November 24: It was back to beautiful weather, and Sarah Melissa and I headed out to explore by boat. I think she and Joseph had paddled the canoe here before, but it was my first time. Across to Colonial Heights, and down to the park, we paddled upstream. Which turned out to be downstream, as the tide was coming in – but not enough to make paddling difficult. Petersburg Swift CreekIt seems like the entire state dumps its tires here – yuck!Petersburg Swift Creek tiresIt was moderately windy, and we mostly poked our noses in around the edges. Petersburg Swift Creek windyWe were never too far from I-95, and its traffic noise. McDonalds, anyone?

Petersburg Swift Creek chairPetersburg Swift Creek SMW(For you knitters, note the hand knit hat – Sarah’s an adventurous and accomplished knitter!)  Petersburg Swift Creek reflectionPetersburg Swift Creek hummocksWe went through and around a lot of these evenly spaced little islands. Maybe there was once a bridge here? Lost in time…

And, with a little rotation, this reflection becomes abstract!Petersburg Swift Creek reflection rotated

More Knitting

Since completing the sweater, I’ve been making small stuff for my donations basket – things from donated yarn that I give away to good causes. The hat may get a pompom, but for now hat and fingerless mitts are done. hat & fingerless mitts

Completed Sweater

As requested by a friend in Korea, a red sweater to  keep her warm! The pattern is from an old Vogue Knitting, but of course I couldn’t just follow the pattern: I knit it in the round, rather than four pieces, and from the bottom up. I made the neck half the depth they suggested. It was an interesting project, with enough pattern going on to not be boring. This pattern is one I’d marked years ago as one I wanted to knit, but I’d rather not have a horizontal line of pattern to accentuate my hips – so when the chance came to make it for a petite person, I took advantage. The yarn had been passed my way, a wool that looked like it dated from the ’60s, and it was a pleasure to get it out of my stash!Youngsook's sweater

Quaker Knitting Goddess Retreat

October 25 – 27: Several times a year the Quaker Knitting Goddesses of New England gather for a weekend together. Mostly we sit and knit, and eat chocolate, and knit, and eat wonderful food. This gathering was in Worcester, Massachusetts; I think there were seven of us, coming from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The food was colorful, as well as delicious – this from the lunch buffet on Saturday. QKG lunch buffetQKG colorI should have a photo of the chocolate basket; I didn’t think of it!

Handwork happened – the sweater I was working on, the sewing together of squares for a blanket, hats and cowls – at least one of each completed during the weekend. We shared surplus yarn, which provided inspiration for a couple of projects. QKG pinsAnd there is still some color on leaves – QKG leaves

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Knitting

The only knitting I completed on the North Carolina trip was this shawl – photo taken draped over my car just before I gave it away! It was a totally mindless and boring knit, having been given to me 1/3 completed, but fine for when I wasn’t driving, but had to keep track and navigate.   RT RT shawl