Storm Clouds at Sunset

Ha – did that fake you out? These are the colors I saw the other night, as storm clouds cleared, and the evening sun was setting – orange blushed clouds, with some very bruised looking ones. But I was driving the highway, and didn’t stop for the photo that would match these colors. Stitch pattern for the cowl from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible; yarn from stash – very, very old stash – Mary Maxim Mohair Glitter (acrylic, wool, metallic – not a breath of mohair!), of which I used about 35 grams.

Design Success, Execution Fail

I’m very pleased with the design: the two color band, the solid inside with lace outside, using the same lace pattern I used for the cowl and mitts.  I was using up the remainder of the yarn I’d overdyed, and the white was from the gloves I’d made for my granddaughter in January. But I ran out. I’ll use this design another time when I want a dressy hat, and I’ve pulled out this aborted attempt and am going to try to translate the lace design into stranded knitting – I have plenty of white, and will try to use all the remaining red.