Back to Sunday’s Kayaking

With two of my kayaks loaded on the roof of the car, a friend and I headed over to the “Celebration of Life” for another friend, and fellow kayaker. Following the ceremony, food, and visiting, we went to the next lake south in a chain of lakes down the center of Vermont, Lake Rescue. It was hot. It was a mid-summer afternoon. It was a Sunday! It was packed. There were lots of power boats, water skiers and tubers, pontoon boats, paddle boats, kayaks – everyone at their lake house, enjoying water sports. Oh, well – we wanted the exercise, and it felt good to get wet.

Loon nesting platform – and loon that won’t fit on it!

Pretty big boat house for a couple of canoes – at least rain won’t fill them with water!
Not sure what he’s doing… A sculpture on shore
I sure wouldn’t want to go down to the dock – and realize I’d forgotten something!

Kayaking Lake Rescue, Vermont

Wednesday, August 26: It was another beautiful day, and I wanted to take advantage of it, so went to this lake in the center of the state. I paddled enough to get my heart rate up, then paddled up the inlet,

where I sat around and played with my knitting while enjoying the birdsong and squirrels. Then I headed back out:

This Sailfish was passing through between the halves of the lake as I got out to open water. He’s going to have one heck of a time beating back into the wind, in this narrow space!

These warnings about invasive milfoil are new this year; it’s a discouraging sign, as this plant is very difficult to keep in check.