Back to Sunday’s Kayaking

With two of my kayaks loaded on the roof of the car, a friend and I headed over to the “Celebration of Life” for another friend, and fellow kayaker. Following the ceremony, food, and visiting, we went to the next lake south in a chain of lakes down the center of Vermont, Lake Rescue. It was hot. It was a mid-summer afternoon. It was a Sunday! It was packed. There were lots of power boats, water skiers and tubers, pontoon boats, paddle boats, kayaks – everyone at their lake house, enjoying water sports. Oh, well – we wanted the exercise, and it felt good to get wet.

Loon nesting platform – and loon that won’t fit on it!

Pretty big boat house for a couple of canoes – at least rain won’t fill them with water!
Not sure what he’s doing… A sculpture on shore
I sure wouldn’t want to go down to the dock – and realize I’d forgotten something!

ORFS at McDaniels Marsh

This Outdoor Recreation for Seniors outing was cancelled – but not until I’d already left. As it turned out, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get the memo – the leaders were there (they decided that sun coming through was reason enough to head out) and they called another friend; another couple had also come without getting the message. It was mostly cloudy – but hot and muggy when the sun did come out. This is a great place for wildlife.

Kayaking Highland Lake, New Hampshire

Tuesday, the last day of September: This was the last official kayaking outing for ORFS (Outdoor Recreation for Seniors) for the year. It was warm and mostly sunny, although the high haze was still hanging on. The parakeet didn’t come, but other mascots did –

and there was a living loon as well.

This group was milling around, watching while the fellow hanging from the huge crane dismantled a tree. Always something to amuse!

Kayaking Chittenden Reservoir, Vermont

Thursday, August 20: I had the morning to paddle before going to meet my sister and her spouse at the Long Trail. The last time I was here, the parking lot was full, and I wasn’t able to get on the water – this time it was a weekday, and I was at the lake before 8AM. Plenty of parking!

There were several places where people had built fire pits – and then there were these very hard looking seats!

I didn’t get great photos of the loons, but there were adults and chicks – here’s a half grown one.

Back to the launch, where Vermont Adaptive Sports was getting ready to help a paraplegic young woman get on the water in a kayak, and this very appropriate bumper sticker was parked next to me –

Kayaking Grafton Pond

Grafton Pond eagleBird of the day! I spent at least half an hour drifting around this eagle; it kept an eye on me, between grooming its feathers. But to start at the beginning:

Yesterday’s planned ORFS outing kayaking here at Grafton Pond in New Hampshire was cancelled because of the likelihood of nasty weather. But today was great – mostly cloudy, with sunny breaks, not too hot. I had a good time, even though I didn’t get to have that good time with my friends. There were lots of people – the parking lot was full and I had to park on the road – but there is enough space out on the water so I was rarely close¬† to anyone, and often couldn’t even see others.

This mushroom was across the road from where I parked. I’m glad I got its picture early as it faded while I was out on the water!¬† Grafton Pond 'shroomIt was a good day for birds – kingfishers,

and loons – Grafton Pond loonGrafton Pond viewThe water is low – to the point where there’s none going over the spillway. There were a couple of places where I’m accustomed to going between islands and couldn’t, Grafton Pond thin waterand usually I have no problem going over this old stone wall. This time I had to go around. Grafton Pond over stone wallGrafton Pond white flowerAs I was making my way back to the launch, I was surprised to see another Roadtrek in the parking lot! There hadn’t been room for mine when I got there; I was a little jealous! Grafton Pond RT