Kayaking Lowell Lake State Park

Thursday, October 6: I’d been looking forward to this day during a week of mostly chilly weather and clouds. The forecast was for sun, and temperatures in the low 70s (21 – 22 C) and it actually was accurate! I was comfortable kayaking in short sleeves, and the water was warm enough to wade in comfort, as well. I was glad I was using the cooler inflatable life vest, and not the thick foam one! I didn’t get there until early afternoon, and was off the water by 4:00 as I wanted to go to knit group – but I had time to go around all of the islands, and meander to look at foliage and turtles and pitcher plants. It was crowded for this time of year; I think every retiree within range was there, boating, hiking, picnicking, soaking up the sun. But the lake is large enough to absorb a lot of activity; only the launch was crowded.

I think every camera on the lake went over to get photos of this tree, and its reflection. Photography doesn’t do justice to the range of color in this one tree!

It felt so good to be out, and my body was happy to get the exercise!

Kayaking Lowell Lake

Wednesday, August 24: Some of us from Wednesday knit group arranged to go kayaking after. The objective was to give one couple a chance to try out a couple of lighter and folding kayaks, the Oru and my Sea Eagle. And we had a very mellow 10 month old puppy along for the fun.

It was well after lunch time, but we didn’t want to be out for too long (there was another dog in a car), so we paddled out, swapped kayaks,

and went back to near the parking area where we ate lunch, and the two dogs got to come watch us eat.

This loon popped up about eight feet from my boat! I was so startled, it took me a while to remember to take a photo!

We were out until well after 5:00; it was a beautiful evening.

Kayaking Lowell Lake, Vermont

Wednesday, June 16: It was a glorious day, sunny with some clouds, but with moderate wind keeping the temperatures down. The water was warm, though – if I hadn’t known I’d be chilled when wet, I would have been swimming! I joined friends at this very clean and quiet lake after morning knitting group, and the first thing we did was paddle around to a picnic area so we could eat our lunches! The picnic spot:

Two of many beaver lodges –

Flowers of interest today: an iris island, pitcher plants where I’ve not seen them around this lake before, sheep laurel making splashes of hot pink along the shores.

And a not very shy turtle.

We also saw two loons (or one loon twice); one island was closed to protect their nesting sites. And a great blue heron, and heard a kingfisher, but did not see it. None of these photogenic birds stayed still close enough long enough to take photos, but it’s still great to see them.

Return to Kayak Lowell Lake, Vermont

Lowell Lake is a quiet – except for loon calls! – and peaceful place to paddle. A friend and I spent several hours there.

There was one area back in the marsh that had impressive spiderwebs everywhere!

We spent time on an island, eating our lunch – and being entertained by a couple of loons. They chased each other from one end of the lake to the other, not quite flying along the surface of the water.

We then paddled the end of the lake we’d not visited, and back to the launch. This was one of two dogs waiting for their people to get them out on the paddleboards!

Kayaking Lowell Lake, Vermont

Saturday, August 22: This popular lake at a state park fills up on weekends – especially as people seek ways to get outdoors and feel like life is normal! Two friends and I planned this trip so I’d get there early, and they could park me in – and I got there so early we had to wait out the tail end of a thunderstorm!

Of course, we had to go see the pitcher plants, and wander through the marsh:

And it had turned into a beautiful day.

We saw loons – as many as four at a time – several times.

We had a great time, went swimming, snacked, and headed for home – leaving room for others to park in the over-crowded parking lot!

Kayaking Lowell Lake, Vermont

Lowell Lk view from launchFriday, August 9: It was a beautiful day, and Marilyn and I wanted to go somewhere with nice, clean, swimable water. We took her two kayaks (I didn’t have my roof racks on) and headed over to Lowell Lake State Park, in central Vermont. We had to stop at this railroad crossing; I didn’t time the photo quite right as I would have liked to have gotten the Vermont Railways logo!Lowell Lk trainSome of the flora evident from the boats:

Lowell Lk pink flowerPitcher plants are so unlikely looking! And there are lots and lots of them back in the marshy areas –

I’d never noticed the bright green ones before – mostly they have red veins, at least!

These tiny yellow flowers are some of my favorites;  not only do I like yellow, but their star shaped foliage is beautiful and delicate.  Lowell Lk yellow flowerAnd then there was this turtle. Lowell Lk turtleNo loons this time, though – unusual for this body of water.