Life, and More Kayaking

Sunday, July 14: This was a busy day, with several commitments. I did carry the kayak with me, but never had enough time to get it on the water, and change out of my good clothes – a long skirt is not my preferred outfit to wear on the water! First was Quaker worship, followed by our usual potluck lunch. Then, having an extra hour before going to a memorial service for a revered and respected local man, I went up to a hilltop park, with views of Mt. Ascutney Mt Ascutneyand a wonderful breeze. I had my knitting, and sat enjoying the breeze and the view and getting another inch or so done on a sock.

The memorial service was outdoors, mostly telling stories of this local woodcarving, sheep shearing husband, father, grandfather. We then went in to eat from the many, many dishes contributed by the community – a huge pot luck, with a great deal of diversity, and enough food to feed twice as many people. There were, of course, many there I knew.

I was invited to join a couple of friends for supper after that, but had an extra half hour or so – not enough to go home, certainly! As I was driving past Stoughton Pond, I saw this sailboat, and pulled into the park there, getting another couple of rows of knitting done between watching the sailboat  Stoughton Pnd sailboatand the antics of this strange pair –  Stoughton Pnd which way?I guess conversing facing each other is easier, but paddling is not!

Tuesday, July 16: ORFS (Outdoor Recreation for Seniors) gathered at Little Lake Sunapee (also called Twin Lakes) for the usual Tuesday paddle or hike. This was an unusually large gathering; I think I counted 20 kayaks, plus one very eccentric home built craft. Little Lk Sunapee catIt is two sailboards grafted together, with lawn chairs for the two people, a small (noisy) outboard – and a parakeet!

Little Lk Sunapee ORFSLittle Lk Sunapee 9 ORFSLittle Lk Sunapee sunfishLittle Lk Sunapee pretty boatLittle Lk Sunapee loon nestingI saw a loon later, but the photo did not come out well enough to post. Apparently this year was a failed nesting attempt, with no eggs hatching.

We stopped at a private beach (one of our members has access) for a swim; one can go out to a large, flat rock that’s just under the surface. Several of us swam out and sat around out there, but my camera’s not waterproof to get that photo! Little Lk Sunapee ORFS breakLittle Lk Sunapee ORFS through rocksLittle Lk Sunapee ORFS rocksThen it was back to the boat launch, where we visited over lunch before loading up and moving out. I’d hoped to visit with a friend on Lake Sunapee, and went to their lake house, sitting on the porch with my knitting, watching the clouds build. It was starting to rain when we finally decided that Sara wasn’t going to make it out there, but it had been a pleasant place to sit watching the MV MT Sunapee go by.  Not a lot of people left on the upper deck of this tour boat once the rain started!Lk Sunapee tour boat