Kayaking Narraguagus Bay, Maine

Tuesday, 4/14: If it’s Tuesday, I must be kayaking – but not with my ORFS friends this time! I, with my hosts, paddled out to Foster Island, in Narraguagus Bay. It was WINDY – much windier than forecast, and I really had to work to keep my inflatable kayak pointed where I wanted to go; I was pushing the limits of what it’s designed to do. Around the northern point of Foster Island, there’s a sandy point; we put in on the back side of it to stop for lunch.

View from lunch spot:

A UFO landing pad? Well, no – Matt pulled up a dead tire and moved it above the tide line for later removal.

Leaving out lunch spot. Across the way is Pinkham Island, where we headed next. It’s a preserved area, and has lots of eagles on it – we were looking for nests, although we didn’t see any there. We did see one on Foster, as we were leaving.

Taking off the skeg was a solution to the lack of turning; It was much better following the lunch break when I took it off!

Along Pinkham Island:

We watched a seal riding the falling tide between Pinkham and the mainland; I was focused on controlling my kayak, so didn’t get any photos of it – but it sure was cute!
Lupines along the way; further around the point, the hedge of roses appeared.

We settled in the sun on lounge chairs; Tasha the dog was freed from her prison in the house, and was very glad to come down to be on the beach with us!

Kayaking Narragaugus Back Bay

Narragaugus Back Bay launchFriday, July 31: High tide was relatively early in the morning – and it was a beautiful day! The highlight was watching three otters cavort in the water along the shoreline – but that photo only shows a couple of heads. Here’s one that left the water, and scampered up the rocks. You have to look for the tail center right – its camo is good! Narragaugus Back Bay otterNarragaugus Back Bay deerNarragaugus Back Bay viewNarragaugus Back Bay view 2Narragaugus Back Bay accumulateNarragaugus Back Bay where feathers come fromWhere the feathers come from – for my favorite photo of the day: Narragaugus Back Bay featherAnd later in the day, an illustration of why one goes out around high tide! Narragaugus Back Bay dry launch

Kayaking Narraguagus Bay

Thursday, July 30, to the Narraguagus River and return: It was a beautiful early morning, and I caught the high tide (one cannot launch a kayak from the mud flats easily, so high tide is when you take a boat out!) to explore up the creek that’s mud most of the day:  Narragaugus R. in  creekNarragaugus R. tree blocking creekNarragaugus R. out creekThat tree limits progress upstream; I was hoping to get to the bridge that carries the drive to the house, but it was not to be. Then out to Narraguagus Bay, which is what the house looks out on. Narragaugus R. viewNarragaugus R. rock, Sand CoveNarragaugus R. point/reflectionSitting on Crow Rock was an eagle – being harassed by terns, which were being harassed by crows. Narragaugus R. eagle on Crow Is.Narragaugus R. cormorantsOn around to the mouth of the Narraguagus River, admiring this pretty little sailboat,Narragaugus R. sailboat 1this mysterious man standing around, Narragaugus R. mystery manand on up a little way until I could see the village of Milbridge. Narragaugus R. MilbridgeBack past the cove with the sailboat, and a view of the lobster boats across the river:

and return, with a view of the houses, and past Sand Cove. The big rock is a landmark – you know you’re almost home. Narragaugus R. Spring and NeapNarragaugus R. Sand Cove reflectionNarragaugus R. our rock