Roadtrek Roadtrip, Winter Edition 2

Sunday, January 30: Having left a day late to let the snow finish doing its thing, I had miles (and miles!) to cover – but that didn’t mean I wanted to get on the interstates and bore myself! It was a stunningly beautiful sunny day, although it never got above freezing, and I kept having to clear the slop off the windshield. I took a new route through western Connecticut, where this graveyard for monitors is, and then into New York State; that’s where I found the single lane road through state forest land.

It was slow and gorgeous and uneventful – until this plow truck came up the opposite way! I was able to back into a nearby driveway, and he went by. And immediately met another vehicle coming down! That was too much for him; he reversed a half mile or so down the road (shown backing here) until he could pull off, and we went past. That takes some skill!

On through New York, and New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, getting to my cousin’s apartment in Baltimore, Maryland for a quick stop. I wanted her to try on the sweater I’m making before finishing the second sleeve; she’s happy with the fit so I’ll hope to finish that before heading north again.

I ended the day in southern Maryland, and tomorrow start helping a friend move to Richmond, Virginia.

Roadtrek Roadtrip: Into New York, and Home

Saturday, May 8: The New York State Welcome Center on I-81 has been upgraded since I was last here. There are lots of eye candy/photo ops for the tourists! The piece I liked best was suspended from the ceiling: 

Then it was on to Long Pond, where I spent the night in the State Forest.

Sunday, May 9: This is the first time I’ve camped here and actually been able to get the kayak on the water! Usually it’s been raining, once it was still frozen. I was out for a couple of hours, cruising along, enjoying the wildlife and wildflowers. Starting with the view from my campsite:

Northwest end – there is so much less green on the trees here, than in Maryland! A reset of spring for me.
I didn’t realize there was a gosling until I put the photo on the computer!

I had to thread my way through a lot of beaver-built obstruction to get to the southeast end of the pond. There were three lodges, plus what seemed to be an attempt at a dam.

Southeast end of lake

The pitcher plant and the miniature violet (maybe 3/8″ across) were both in the beaver construction area.

Even an experienced logger (in this case, a beaver) sometimes gets their tree hung up!
View of the Roadtrek in my campsite

I made myself a hot breakfast and drove to another area, where there’s an abandoned orchard. The apple trees there were just beginning to flower.

Even with a couple of hours on the water, and a good meal, I was on the road by about 10:30, taking back roads up to Route 20, and on through Troy, into Vermont, and home well before dark. The daffodils are blooming happily.