White Birch/Paper Birch

Three posts ago I posted photos of river birch (which I think is also called black birch). One comment was that that tree is called paper birch where they live. This is what we call paper birch – or white birch – with much lighter bark, both in color and texture. If I get really ambitious, I’ll get photos of the yellow birch that also lives in my yard, and post all three for comparison!

Cold Feet

Of course, as soon as I posted the geese last night, they decided I could take their photo today! I didn’t get out of the car this time, shooting through the car window, which meant I couldn’t get the half dozen geese that were walking on the ice. Here’s a representative sample –

Informal Wildlife Photo Challenge, Number 1

I had so much fun with the travel challenge, I decided to go through my wildlife photos, and post the ten I like best, starting with this ibis. Looks like more humor from the Creator! Most, if not all, of the ones I’m choosing are taken from the kayak, so there are lots of waterfowl. This was taken paddling through the mangroves in Florida, just south of Sarasota.

If anyone else thinks this sounds like fun, join in and let’s have fun!

One of my favorite blogs is https://throughopenlens.com/   The photos are stunning (he has a much better camera than I!), and info about the creature, mostly birds, and a short silly joke make for a quick and positive post.