Fun in the Sun at Camp Plymouth State Park

Sunday, July 10: I drove a friend over to Camp Plymouth State Park, in central Vermont, to enjoy the scenery and people watch. We sat mostly in the shade, and I got several rows of knitting done on the current pair of socks. Leaving, my eye was caught by this stack of kayaks – glad it’s not my vehicle! It didn’t look all that stable, although presumably that’s how they arrived. And I hope there are no low bridges to go under!

Kayaking Amherst Lake, Plymouth, Vermont

Saturday, June 12: The object of the outing today was to survey the northern part of Amherst Lake for invasive plants, especially flowering rush. I met with a couple of others, although I was the only one with a boat; Kelly leads the Black River Action Team, a neighbor showed up, and there was a drone pilot who will be taking aerial photographs of the shoreline, monitoring the spread of plants and depth of water. The dam holding this lake is in bad shape, and there is talk about taking it out altogether; they are working to ensure that any newly exposed land is planted and stable, and trying to have input, as this lake is along what becomes the Black River (eventually flowing into the Connecticut River). I found no flowering rush, but had a pleasant paddle through the waterlilies,

upstream and as far as I could go,

and out and around past the geese.

The lake has been drained by a few feet to take pressure off the dam, and I was unable to go as far upriver as I have in the past – and I’m glad I don’t draw a lot of water! It certainly was a beautiful day to be out.