Saying Goodbye to the Four-leggeds

Elsie, the dog – she likes to have a pillow under her head. It took her a few days to stop barking when I came back, or went up to bed, or got up in the morning… But by the end of my stay, she’d decided I was OK.


Pearl – she thought my computer was a good thing to sit on while it was charging. Maybe it was warm…

Simon – one of the twins.

Andy – the other twin, and a problem child. He bullies anyone he thinks he can get away with bullying. Of course, sometimes he’s a real sweetheart… to humans, anyway!

So I said goodbye to my host, and all the four-leggeds, and started for home. I have to give high marks to the Apple Store in South Portland, which was my first stop.

I wanted to return the expensive charging cable I bought in October because the smallest piece exploded. Well, in theory, there’s a two week window to return things. The manager not only refunded my money, but went out back and found the little piece that had fallen apart (I’d glued it back together a couple of times, but that’s a temporary solution) and handed it to me – no charge! I could have kept charging it by using the larger extension that comes with the system, but that’s awkward to travel with, so I’m extremely happy with that kind of customer service. Yay, Apple!

On to Concord, New Hampshire, where I’m staying with one of the Quaker Knitting Goddesses for the night. We had a delicious dinner of salmon, seaweed salad, rice, broccoli, and roasted vegetables, followed by my chocolate mousse. And we are sitting here with our knitting. I’ll go home tomorrow, so I don’t have to deal with slogging up my hill in the dark.

Another Portland Day

We spent this morning running errands, one of which was to Wild Birds Unlimited, down in Scarborough, for food for the many feeders in the back yard. This monk was outside, handing out these booklets. I like that he’s wearing rollers on his feet, and can go wheeling around! We also got to the farmer’s market, the food coop and Trader Joe’s, and the library.

This afternoon I finished the socks I’ve been working on; there wasn’t enough daylight left for me to get a good photo, so I’ll post about those tomorrow.

Portland, Maine – and SNOW!

I got to Portland about mid-afternoon on Sunday, after a dry (but very gray) drive over from Vermont. But I beat the snow – it started snowing that night, and by evening we knew life would be closed on Monday. The Quaker Knitting Goddess with whom I am staying works for the State of Maine, and all state offices were closed. So we had a quiet and peaceful Monday, knitting, visiting, knitting, mending knitting, warm and cozy.

Today had some sun, and the beginning of melting; to go out and run errands meant cleaning about 10 inches (about 25 cm) off the car. Here I’ve cleared to the center line of the roof, on one side:

Last Portland Post

And about time, as I returned to Vermont last Monday! But there were still photos I wanted to share. Being a coastal city, coastal life and boating are featured in much of the public artwork.

And one night we got Thai takeout – not something available around me in rural Vermont! Portland is a very cosmopolitan city, with many immigrants and refugees, so the food available is diverse.

Crab Rangoon? Spring rolls? Yes, please. And in the lower left of the plate was a dish I’d not met before (and don’t remember the name, either) of many veggies, with shrimp, and a light peanut sauce over all. It was outstanding. The Pad See Ew with chicken was less impressive, too salty for my taste.

And on the drive home, Shawnee Peak Ski Area (yes, I usually think of the Shawnee in the Poconos, but there’s a different one in Maine!) still had snow, across a lake that had only recently lost its ice:

Completed Dog Sweater

I finished this dog sweater today, sitting down by Portland’s Back Cove – sunny, but much too windy to be out of the car with all those short pieces of lion mane! It’s for Dotty, who’s now living in Texas – but is always cold except in the midst of summer. Most of the yarn was from stash – although I have to say, friends contributed to my stash knowing I was going to be making this sweater! I chose for color, not for fiber content; it’s probably half wool, half synthetic. It would have been nice to have her here to try it on as I went. I hope it fits! but it’s knitting, and stretchy, so it should.

I think she’ll make a great lion!

This was my view as I sat there, looking across at downtown Portland, watching the tide come in and the huge crane swivel around:

Portland, Water View

Friday, April 1: I spent much of the day with friends here, catching up on the past year or so since I’ve been here. She and I both like looking out on water (and being on water, but it’s early for kayaking), so we generally go find some to look at. This time we went up to the Eastern Prom in Portland, watching ferries and the local sailing school classes. They are pretty clearly doing learn to race classes in the harbor.

Cold out there! Wouldn’t want to find my self swimming!

Portland Night Out

Portland City Hall

Thursday, March 31: My friend here in Portland, Maine, had a couple of extra tickets to a chamber concert at the Merrill Auditorium. Certainly I wasn’t going to turn that down! Sphinx Virtuosi, a professional chamber orchestra comprised of 18 of the nation’s top Black and Latinx classical soloists, performed; their mission is to bring people of color in to the professional classical music orbit. I believe it’s the first time I’ve seen a performance where all those playing violins and violas were standing, often dancing in place – there was a good reason why all of these musicians are thin! Composers (all Latin American or Black) were born between 1875 and 1994; there was a pretty even mix of genders among the musicians, and a wide range of skin tones. And they were GOOD! Self-conducted, they really have their act together. And if you want a sample, Google them – there’s a lot on line.

Portland City Hall was around the corner from where we parked, shining in the rain.


It’s Greek to Me – Or Maybe Something Else??

Thursday, March 31: Three of us drove over to Portland, Maine this afternoon. This decal was in the window of a truck in front of us. I guess there’s always the possibility that it’s saying something really rude – but I hope someone out there knows what it means! I guess, if it’s something one should not say in public, I don’t want to know, though.

Arriving to visit the friend with whom I am staying, this guardian was on the porch – along with its dove:

Another Day in Portland, Maine

Today I moved a couple of miles to where another few friends live – of whom Sophie is one! She is not a small dog, being exactly the right height so that your hand falls on her head when she walks under it. Her parents are friends of many years, former Vermont residents. Her human Mom and I went to Willard Beach, in South Portland, thinking we would swim – and did get up to our waists in the rather chilly water before the rain started.

I believe that is Portland Head Light off in the distance, through the rain. As it began to rain harder, we moved up under a tree; when it started raining through the tree and didn’t look like it was going to stop any time soon, we gave up, gathered our belongings, and headed back to the car – wading through water to get there. Oh, well – I’ve been to a new place, seen kayakers out on the water, admired some very pretty sailboats, and gotten wet in the bay, then rinsed by the rain.