Adirondack Balloon Festival, Saturday Evening

Saturday evening, September 24: By about 5:30 that afternoon, balloons were starting to lift off; I and my chair returned to the viewing area. I don’t know if the blue and purple one in the center is a test balloon, or just eager to be off – I think it was the first one out that morning, and it was the second in the evening. And the flag balloon was still in the same place. Did they deflate it during the day? Good question – I didn’t notice!

Again, the Magic balloon inflated behind me, and I think this time it was taking up the person who won the door prize from the NEHARVers. Behind the balloon, you can see about 15% of the RVs in the field!

They delivered chicken dinner, and walking back from the camper after getting a fork, I was struck by how the rounded roof of the vintage VW echoed the top of a balloon!

When all the balloons that wanted to fly had cleared out, they did what I think they called “Moonglow” where they light the balloons using their propane flame. The American flag showed up the best, and it soon became too dark for the phone on my camera to take respectable pictures.