Kayaking Lowell Lake

Wednesday, August 24: Some of us from Wednesday knit group arranged to go kayaking after. The objective was to give one couple a chance to try out a couple of lighter and folding kayaks, the Oru and my Sea Eagle. And we had a very mellow 10 month old puppy along for the fun.

It was well after lunch time, but we didn’t want to be out for too long (there was another dog in a car), so we paddled out, swapped kayaks,

and went back to near the parking area where we ate lunch, and the two dogs got to come watch us eat.

This loon popped up about eight feet from my boat! I was so startled, it took me a while to remember to take a photo!

We were out until well after 5:00; it was a beautiful evening.

Kayaking the Williams River

Wednesday, October 6: After morning knitting group, my friend with the Oru kayak and I went out from where the Williams River joins the Connecticut. It was a glorious day – as you can see! We started off going around the cove between the rivers, where we saw this osprey:

There were lots and lots of dragonflies! The red ones clustered around me – probably because I was wearing a shirt with lots of reds in it!

There was not much wind, and a good day for good reflections.

Then it was on up the Williams River, to where the bridges are for VT Rte 5 and I-91. They are working on the interstate highway, and claim the channel is closed; there’s a rope across it, but clearly others are going on through. We didn’t; the water gets thin and rocky not far beyond.

Kayaking Stoughton Pond

Wednesday, November 11: This pond covers the site where this farm used to be. It was a very still day, still warm enough for shirt sleeves, and the water warm enough so wading in it wasn’t uncomfortable. Not that I stood around in it for long! The lack of wind made for great reflections.

And this little waterfall tumbles down the hill to the pond.

Kayaking Knapp Pond II

Tuesday, November 10: Another warm and beautiful day,  with little breeze to ruffle the water!

There was plenty of evidence of beaver – the well used slide on the left led to several beaver chewed stumps, and the lodge on the right – with its ample larder – is one of the bigger ones I’ve seen.

I met a couple of friends also out for a paddle, and we sat in our boats and visited for quite a while.

I played with taking photos of many reflections, with the still water.

The phragmites was glowing in the late afternoon light.

Another friend was walking with her granddaughter along the dam, and we visited briefly – but the light was dimming fast!

And the view as I loaded up the kayak:

Kayaking Gale Meadows, Vermont

Sunday, September 27: Back to summer weather, with smoke haze still filtering the sun. Two friends and I went and enjoyed some peak foliage in central Vermont –

The wind was mostly calm, and there were some really good reflections.

The far edges of the pond are stumpfields – it looks like one can’t make it through, and occasionally one gets hung up on a below waterline stump, but it’s fun to meander along.

There won’t be that many more perfect days like this – but the season’s not over yet!

Kayaking the Connecticut River

Thursday, September 24: After lunching with friends, I went to the closest launch on the Connecticut River, Herrick’s Cove. I’ve been here a couple of times this year; this time I went upstream along the east (New Hampshire) bank.

There was lots of sign of beaver, with a couple of lodges and lots of chewed trees.; This second lodge had one that I never saw – but that slapped its tail twice as I paddled by!

And then there were the reflections:

Return to Kayak Lowell Lake, Vermont

Lowell Lake is a quiet – except for loon calls! – and peaceful place to paddle. A friend and I spent several hours there.

There was one area back in the marsh that had impressive spiderwebs everywhere!

We spent time on an island, eating our lunch – and being entertained by a couple of loons. They chased each other from one end of the lake to the other, not quite flying along the surface of the water.

We then paddled the end of the lake we’d not visited, and back to the launch. This was one of two dogs waiting for their people to get them out on the paddleboards!

Kayaking Herricks Cove, Vermont

Thursday, September 3: On my way in the dirt road that leads to Herrick’s Cove, these fawns greeted me. Well, that’s a little strong – they departed briskly when I stopped to take photos!

This cove is nestled in behind where the Williams River joins the Connecticut River. This late in the year, it has lots of water lilies and lily pads, and pickerel weed patches.

Where the highway crossed the Williams River, they are replacing a very high bridge – with lots of cranes to help.

That’s the view up the Williams River; here’s the view south on the Connecticut River.

It’s hard to believe the wind was that still in the late morning! There was wildlife as well – I chose that cove because it often has lots of herons and egrets, but I had to paddle out into the Connecticut to see even one heron.

And then it was back into the cove

where grabbing this root mass made it much easier to exit the kayak!