I am one of the last of my acquaintance to be vaccinated, mostly because when I was spending most of my time in Connecticut, they weren’t vaccinating people from out of state. (One of the less thought through decisions, IMHO, because the rational was to save hospital beds for residents – but did they think people sick enough to need a hospital were going to drive hours home???) Anyway, as soon as I returned from the Maryland camping trip, I made an appointment, and am now fully vaccinated. Which carries with it a certain level of freedom, of which I have been taking advantage. Thursday the retired teachers from my school gathered – at a restaurant! without having to wear masks!! – for the first time since we were gathering outdoors last fall. It was great – a lot of catching up to do, and plans to make.

         After that, I went to visit a friend nearby (also vaccinated) and we sat indoors! and watched the birds coming to the bird feeders outside the sliders, visited, caught up, and I knitted a few rows on the current sweater. It was great. Below is a sampling of the birds I was able to photograph. Many photos didn’t come out so well; I was on the other side of the glass door, so focusing didn’t always do what I want, and the birds weren’t always willing to sit and pose. One of the charming things was watching a pair of Evening Grosbeaks feeding each other. The photo is not the best, but I had to include it.