Roadtrek Roadtrip: Productive Day in Santa Fe

This was a day to get things done. My tasks for the day: get all the good napkins ironed after laundering,

get some knitting done, make a baby blanket for the incipient great grandson,

get some knitting done, start packing, get some knitting done, plot my route for the next couple of days, make the chocolate mousse for dessert. I would have taken a photo of the seven mousses, but it was time to eat, and I didn’t want to delay that! And I would be knitting now, but there are eight people between me and my knitting, watching a sci fi spoof movie (Galaxy Quest); I’d hate to get in the middle of that.

Roadtrek Roadtrip: Shidoni Sculpture Park

Saturday, November 27: Two carloads of us headed off to Shidoni. This compound includes a sculpture park, a gallery, a glass studio and shop, the foundry out back, and an interactive museum (closed today). It’s been years since I’ve been able to wander here – it’s been closed the last couple of times I’ve been to Santa Fe. Outdoors, sculpture is spread over several acres.

Here are some of the sculptures that caught my eye this time:

And then there was this natural sculpture in the tree –

Then it was home for a while, for food and naps and recuperation. In the evening some of us took the long way to pick up pizza – going around downtown to see the lights. The Plaza lights are something you’d see in any over the top decoration, going for density rather than style; what makes the Southwest special is their farolitos (luminaria). These are plastic, now, except when people put the old style paper bag with candle inside ones out on Christmas Eve.

A Day to Give Thanks

Native pottery on the mantlepiece

At least one part of my family has been on this continent for about 400 years. As far as I know, none of the ancestors were documented immigrants, or people indigenous to this land. I have a deep appreciation for the arts and cultures of the  native peoples of this land, and my cousin has a nice collection of local indigenous pottery. I give thanks that my ancestors were tolerated by the people in the east who first lived in this place, and thanks that there is a deep tradition of beautiful pottery in the pueblo communities here.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Santa Fe Entertainment

As more and more of the family gathers, sitting around a jigsaw puzzle is a prime form of entertainment. This Dr. Suess puzzle, by Liberty Puzzles, was the first one completed. Liberty makes beautiful wooden puzzles, with intricate pieces, and a fiendish way of making things challenging! Working puzzles together is a way to carry on conversations with a changing cast of characters, while engaging in an enjoyable task.