Sewed on Saturday

I had cut out the body of this dress, and it languished by the machine until I HAD to get it done on Saturday – we were to wear bright clothing to honor a friend at the garden party that was her memorial. So Saturday morning I cut out pockets for it, and sewed it up – the hem is long, long, long! This is the same design as the gray-green dress I made in May, the same front and back so that I can just throw it on and go. Pockets for my phone and whatever. Light and summery. I’m actually finding I wear the first dress a couple of times a week; I’ve worn it to things like my uncle’s memorial, and thrown it over my bathing suit as a cover. I’m wearing it now, in fact, sitting getting this blog post out! The flowered one won’t get that much use, as it’s synthetic fabric, but it was perfect for yesterday’s Celebration of Life garden party. So, sew and wear the same day. 

I will honor my friends by posting a photo of the cardinals and nest that are along the entrance to the road up to where the party was held. It’s a great symbol for the love and kindness shared by this couple over 52 or so years of marriage.

Roadtrek Roadtrip: Productive Day in Santa Fe

This was a day to get things done. My tasks for the day: get all the good napkins ironed after laundering,

get some knitting done, make a baby blanket for the incipient great grandson,

get some knitting done, start packing, get some knitting done, plot my route for the next couple of days, make the chocolate mousse for dessert. I would have taken a photo of the seven mousses, but it was time to eat, and I didn’t want to delay that! And I would be knitting now, but there are eight people between me and my knitting, watching a sci fi spoof movie (Galaxy Quest); I’d hate to get in the middle of that.

Christmas Sewing

My sister and spouse make maple syrup in the spring. They rebuilt their backyard arch this year, and for Christmas requested a cover for it. This was my last sewing project of the year – for now it is basted together, and I’ll use an industrial machine to do the final sewing.