Travel Challenge, Day 1

¬† has “nominated” me to participate in the travel challenge. That’s a little too easy – I have so many photos that came out well, because that’s what I do – see things through the lens of a camera. One is not supposed to label or comment on the photos – that’s easy as well, because if I go back to before I started blogging, I wasn’t all that good at labeling my photo files, either!

I’ve made only one rule for myself: no photos from my home state of Vermont.

And I’m going to suggest that participate in this – he does wonderful things with his kayaks, and takes good photos.

Portland to San Antonio to Portland, Part 3

San Antonio! We were glad to arrive, with a couple of days to spare before my flight out. Our three horses were happy to be out in the pasture. They added to the resident five:TX PEI threeTX horsesOnce the horses were settled, and Dotty had adopted JackTX Dotty & Jackand Blizz had settled in,TX Blizz stressedwe headed out for dinner, Italian that first night. And then Mexican at two different places the next two nights Рthis one had live music, although not these!TX musical frogsWhat follows are views from around the ranch:TX ranch houseTX rabbitTX flowerTX horseshoesTX outbuildingTX trough and pump

Indigenous bees build sculpture –

TX bathroom door lit

There were deer most mornings and evenings.

The old stone lined well:TX old well

One day we went around the corner to Bracken (in addition to running other errands) to go to the feed store. I’d not taken the camera, so we had to go back later – it’s an area that tries to look picturesque – but the Hanging Tree Saloon is a seriously utilized watering hole.

TX Bracken signTX Bracken blacksmithTX Bracken cotton ginTX Bracken hanging tree

The next¬† morning I was headed out, with a early morning flight. Southwest Airlines has some new planes, and this first flight was on one. And I don’t know if they have fewer seats – but they do have more spacious seats, as well as really cool LED lighting. As we got above the clouds the views were stunning in the morning light –flight home SW AirThe middle of the flight was clear, until it clouded up again just before Baltimore. We landed in snow, with plows everywhere.flight  home BWI snowSoon after getting to the next gate, Southwest started announcing gate changes. This is never a good sign – but we were only about 10 minutes late loading on for the second leg. And then we sat, and sat, and sat – waiting for our turn for deicing. It was enough time to nearly finish knitting a couple of small stuffed animals. It was going to be a busy weekend – a Quaker Knitting Goddess retreat in Worcester, to which I headed as soon as I could retrieve my car in Portland. Then Saturday I went down to Connecticut for my aunt’s memorial – a great collection of cousins from across the country were there, including some I’d not seen for years. The food included “edible” arrangements; they were spectacular, but not (according to those who nibbled on them) particularly edible.

And back to Worcester, where I finished the stuffed animals –Owl and Pussycat

And then home again, with a stop to visit friends along the way – and except for trips to Connecticut to see Mom, plan to be home for a while. And it will be a while before the kayak comes out to play again!