The Roadtrek and I are Home Again

My last night on the road was spent in the Green Mountain National Forest, on the town line between Sunderland and Stratton. The road was closed to the campsite I wanted, so I ended up right next to the road. But there were only two vehicles between bedtime and dawn, so it was very quiet, and level enough, and certainly dark! There were some raindrops in the night, but the sun was out in the morning. There were some wildflowers around; this was all within a few feet of the camper. I know the one on the left is wild strawberry; I think the one on the right is a vibernum. I’ve never seen the one in the center before; as far as I could tell without damaging it, it had no leaves.

I went on to Chester, to Six Loose Ladies, for Wednesday morning knitting group, then, with stops at the Post Office to collect my accumulated mail, and the library to return the book I’d taken on this trip, I was home again. I don’t have the statistics with me; I know it was over 2,000 miles, but don’t have the total fuel or cost for my two and a half weeks on the road. I do know that the gas mileage was a disappointing 13 miles per gallon; time to go see the mechanic.

And today it is raining – I’m hanging out with friends, and later will head out to knitting.

Around the Yard

This robin has been my alarm clock the past two mornings – starting before 7, and continuing all day, except when the sun was shining brightly, or it was raining! He sits on door and window sills and fights with his reflection. And there is a flock of about a dozen of the smaller woodpeckers (Downy? Hairy? moving too much, chasing each other from tree to tree to identify) also hammering on things.

Having gone out to see who was hammering on my windows, I also walked down the driveway to admire some of what’s blooming.

Wild Things This Week

Spring continues in Vermont – with wildly variable weather. I find it interesting that some things are as colorful in the spring as in the fall –

wild things spring beauty 2wild things violet

My land, being forested and damp, has many different ferns, in addition to the ostrich fern from which I am able to gather fiddleheads in the spring. I counted six, just standing in the yard.

Vermont “Spring”

My view when I looked out the bedroom window this morning: VT spring out windowFeeling safe from ticks, I went out and hauled firewood for cutting, then wandered around to some of the plants that made it into my “Wild Things” post a few days ago. Some contrast!

VT spring trilliumVT spring daffodils

VT spring leavesThe new, bright green spring leaves have only come out this past week.

The day was cold and windy; I didn’t end up doing as much as I’d hoped to outside. It has snowed on and off all day, not accumulating as it melts between flurries. Right now it’s sleeting.

Keep warm, keep safe – spring is really here. It’s just hiding today, here in Vermont!

Finished Knitting

Taking a break from intricate blue sweater, I made this cap. It’s cotton, worsted weight, donated yarn, and a simple enough lace pattern to memorize. I’m not a fan of pink; this goes in the donation basket.

You can’t tell – but there’s a large dog behind the cap in the first photo! Meet Amber:Newport AmberHer favorite toy is this “snake” – she kills it regularly. I’m going to go out now and throw it for her; she’s looking at me pleadingly!