More Sunflowers

On seeing my post with all the sunflowers, my kid sister was inspired to take and send to me a photo of the ones on their dining table. My guess is that if she thought I’d put it out in public like this, she would have moved the laundry on the porch!


People have grown sunflowers in New England for a long time; this year, with the invasion of Ukraine, there are many more – along with Ukrainian flags, paintings of sunflowers on walls, flags with the country’s name and sunflowers. A trip to Connecticut meant that I’ve been in four states in four days; there were sunflowers, and more sunflowers – in cutting gardens, for sale by the side of the road, in yards, along the roadside. These are only the ones that were easy and safe to stop and get photos.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Return Home

Monday, September 20: Today was spent driving, taking mostly the scenic route back to Vermont from Maryland. I started later then I would have liked, but that meant I didn’t leave until after rush hour. Even though I didn’t hit anyone’s rush hour, it’s still construction season, and there were waits for one way roads in a few places. But I was not in a hurry! The above photo was taken at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center. Even though I drove up along the Deleware River, there was nothing along the way that really caught my eye – so this was the only photo I kept from the day.