Thursday’s Sunset

When I left Knit Night on Thursday, I realized that putting fuel in the car would be a prudent thing to do if I wanted to get all the way home, so I stopped for gas. Driving east toward the gas station I was admiring the sunset; the view east was unusually colorful. So while the pump was running, I walked over to where I could take the above photo. Then I turned around. Here is the view to the west:

The colors are too intense to seem real! I wonder if we are getting smoke from the fires in the west?

Roadtrek as Moving Van, Again

Saturday, February 12: We were still loading up the Roadtrek as the sun set in Solomons, Maryland. I will miss visiting here, at this condo on the water, with its spectacular sunsets. I ate dinner with the family, then left at about 7PM for Richmond. It’s amazing how much the Roadtrek will absorb; I could have packed in more boxes, but they would have had to have been light – the floor was filled with boxes of books, two deep, and the file drawers that were added at the last minute were very heavy.

On arrival in Richmond

After putting the bag of frozen food in the freezer, I unloaded a change of clothes, a book, and some bedding, and headed to bed.

My copilot!

February 13: I unloaded some light things, and the two very large plants, before it started to rain/sleet/wintery mix. I’m taking it easy today – I had a nap this morning, may have another this afternoon, and am spending my time in the sun room watching it be wet and nasty outside, knitting and reading.

Thursday Sunset

I was sitting in the library parking lot, minding my own business and checking e-mail, when I noticed the sky had turned bright! The above to the east, over the post office; below to the west.

I’m sure there were better places to view it – but this is where I was!