Troy, New York

Troy one troyVisiting my friends in Albany, we headed over to Troy to the Winter Farmers Market.Troy Farmers Market shroomsThis would have been a great place to eat lunch – if we hadn’t just eaten a more than adequate breakfast! There were lots of food stalls – and lots and lots of people! I didn’t take many photos inside, as it was difficult to get a clear shot of almost anything. Outside again, I spent a lot of time looking up, admiring the architecture and artwork. Troy architecture

When you have a building shaped like this, Troy the marketthe back of the block looks a lot less organized!  Troy backsThe city has quite a few murals – of the music hall: Troy music hall muraland across the street, the music hall: Troy deco reflectionTroy paint muralWe walked on to the Post Office, which has two murals inside, of local lore. Rip Van Winkle, and the bowling:            Troy PO muraland Headless Horseman, from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Troy PO headless horsemanThese were done by Waldo Peirce (or Pierce, depending on source) but there’s nothing in the building to credit him, or tell the history of these New Deal paintings. Troy deco framedTroy deco newsThere are so many ways to frame a photo! I couldn’t decide which of the above I liked better – so you get both. Then it was back to the parking garage and the car, and this shot of Uncle Sam – the legend has it that he’s based on Samuel Wilson, who provided meat to our troops during the War of 1812. Troy Sam