Ingunn’s Daffodils

Many years ago I did a sewing project for a family friend, refusing payment, of course. Ingunn had delivered to me about 50 narcissus bulbs, a variety of sizes and shapes and colors. These are the first blooming in my yard this year, and warm my heart with the memory of her warmth and generosity. She’s been gone quite a few years now, but I am honored to have this memory of her grace my Vermont yard.

First Spring Flower

This snowdrop is the first flower to appear in my yard this year – and I didn’t even know it was there! Did I plant it and forget??? Yes, the daffodils are up, and have healthy quantities of buds, but no flowers yet. I should go check on the bloodroot; that’s early, too.

Turkey of the Day

Driving north along Route 5 in Vermont, I saw a large lump along the side of the road. Of course I slowed down – and then came to a stop, and rolled down the window, and pulled out the camera, and was able to get one shot as it moved off the road and up the hill. There were two large flocks before I saw this guy, but there was always someone on the road behind me, and with no good place to pull over. It’s getting to be breeding season here, and the turkeys seem to be doing well.

Mud Season!

And that was after I’d pulled it up from the depths! I got home yesterday evening, and was walking the path to the house – and suddenly was up to my ankle in muck! The shoe came off – just as well, as I couldn’t pull it out with my foot! This is why most years I tend to head south for Vermont’s mud season. The same thing happens with vehicles.

Yesterday’s Eagle

Driving south toward Bellows Falls, I saw something out on the ice near the Connecticut River. And I wasn’t the only one – several cars stopped to watch this eagle enjoy it’s fishy lunch, and one of the ice fisher people had a camera trained in it.

White Birch/Paper Birch

Three posts ago I posted photos of river birch (which I think is also called black birch). One comment was that that tree is called paper birch where they live. This is what we call paper birch – or white birch – with much lighter bark, both in color and texture. If I get really ambitious, I’ll get photos of the yellow birch that also lives in my yard, and post all three for comparison!