Morning on the Patio

Yesterday was a driving day; I took not a single photo. But this morning, back in Richmond, we are sitting on the back patio, in perfect temperatures, with sun and blue sky, looking across the wooded ravine, listening to the mellow tones of the new wind chime. And note: one can make art from anything: here’s the owl.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Virginia to Baltimore

Thursday, February 17: I started – and finished – this hat during my couple of days off. This photo was snapped quickly, as I was loading to leave – it doesn’t show the detail on the top. Oh, well! It was a quick knit, using two strands of an unnamed acrylic found at a thrift shop by the recipient, started Tuesday evening, finished Thursday morning when all I had left to do was weave in the ends.

As I was pulling out, I saw that the first of the daffodils is starting to show color – it was so warm (60 – 70F, 15 – 21C) I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t fully open by the end of the day!

Then it was on to Solomons, Maryland, where I dropped off the hat and a few other things, and picked up the belongings I’d emptied from the Roadtrek to make more room for moving. I was too late to miss rush hour for the drive up to Baltimore, which was slower than I’d hoped, but I was able to have dinner with my aunt, show her the blue sweater I’d knit with her yarn (posted two posts ago), and deliver said sweater to my cousin.

Tomorrow I head back to Vermont, a full day of driving, and by Saturday will start the next knitting project. Stay tuned…

On the Road Again

Tuesday, February 15: This was my laugh of the day, as I drove from Richmond, Virginia, to the second home of friends, on the Potomac River. As far as I know, this is aspirational, as I see no indication it’s one of the hybrids.

I had the house to myself, and took some rest time, after all this intense moving – sitting in the sun, or in the sunroom, knitting, dozing, reading, eating good leftovers. I never even took the computer out of its case. That evening I watched the moon rise across the river, over Maryland:

Roadtrek as Moving Van, Again

Saturday, February 12: We were still loading up the Roadtrek as the sun set in Solomons, Maryland. I will miss visiting here, at this condo on the water, with its spectacular sunsets. I ate dinner with the family, then left at about 7PM for Richmond. It’s amazing how much the Roadtrek will absorb; I could have packed in more boxes, but they would have had to have been light – the floor was filled with boxes of books, two deep, and the file drawers that were added at the last minute were very heavy.

On arrival in Richmond

After putting the bag of frozen food in the freezer, I unloaded a change of clothes, a book, and some bedding, and headed to bed.

My copilot!

February 13: I unloaded some light things, and the two very large plants, before it started to rain/sleet/wintery mix. I’m taking it easy today – I had a nap this morning, may have another this afternoon, and am spending my time in the sun room watching it be wet and nasty outside, knitting and reading.

Richmond: Diversity Thrift

Tuesday, February 1: After a good breakfast and a late start, the mission for the day was to hit some thrift stores, and a scratch and dent appliance store. Three of us and the dog loaded into the Tacoma pickup and headed for Diversity Thrift – a HUGE thrift store in Richmond. I took a brief glance around, but I do not need to carry anything home on this trip! I went out and sat in the truck with Genne and worked on my knitting – until they started bringing out bags of stuff (two bags of records landed in her dog bed, so she ended up asleep on my knitting – which put a stop to that!)

Then off to shop for a refrigerator, washer, dryer and bed to be delivered to the new house tomorrow, and another thrift store, and by then it was getting late and hunger was making some of us, both human and canine, cranky. We ordered Chinese, dropped the women at the house, and shortly after were feeling much happier. We have lists of things to get done tomorrow.

Roadtrip, Maryland to Virginia

Monday, January 31: This was a non-Roadtrek trip; I left it behind and drove a vehicle that was already loaded, from Maryland to Virginia. Today was closing day for my friend, which happened successfully – and we got two vehicles unloaded and a tour of the house before going to another friend’s house for supper and to spend the night. The most notable thing of the drive was the number of pines that had had too much snow to remain standing! For miles along the highway in Virginia, there were trees down like these – or which had been cut back where they’d fallen into the road.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 1

October 24 – 26: The autumn Roadtrek Roadtrip begins! From Connecticut to South Carolina, I spent two nights on the road. The autumn color was spectacular through New York, Pennsylvania, and on through North Carolina. I wasn’t able to get photos as often as I would have liked; there was not always a safe way to pull over. And a lot of the time it was raining! For one hour or so in Virginia, there was a thunderstorm with heavy rain (at least two cars off the highway, probably from hydroplaning) and strong winds. With all the big trucks, I slowed to about 40 mph, flashers flashing, wipers on high speed. The second night I spent in a campground in Jefferson National Forest, in a small and quiet camping area. By morning, the weather had cleared, and I had a gorgeous drive over the Blue Ridge Mountains, and south through North Carolina, arriving to visit some cousins at about 7:30.

Virginia fungus
Virginia foliage

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Assateague and Chincoteague

Thursday, April 29: Joined my friend Julie (and her teardrop camper J@untie, and min pin Genne) at the Assateague State Park. SeeĀ  previous post.

Friday, April 30: Our outing of the day was to explore the Assateague end of the National Park. Three cheers for the Parks Pass!! We checked out where we could launch kayaks (if it weren’t blowing whitecaps everywhere!), and where some of the camping areas are in the National Park. But the Maryland State Park is just as nice, and less expensive, I think. One launch area had these kite surfers – I was unable to get a photo of one airborne, but they were flying a good ten feet in the air at times.

Driving back, we saw a truck swerve toward one of the wild ponies along the side of the road – it was a government vehicle, clearly trying to train the pony not to walk in front of vehicles! It wasn’t very effective; here it is starting to walk back into the middle of the road.

Genne was too tired to drive:

These four photos were taken from our campsite. One is supposed to stay 40 feet from the horses – but no one has taught them that! One had to come check out the kayak; when I wanted to go to my camper, they were right outside the door. You can see how windy it was, with the manes and tails blowing in the breeze.

Saturday, May 1: This was the day to move camp. We loaded up and moved out, down to Pokomoke River State Park, near Snow Hill in Maryland. We left Julie’s rig there, and went on down to the Chincoteague end of the National Seashore, in Virginia.

These egrets were clearly paid to put on a show – we stopped for lunch across from where they were posing, continued on to the seashore – and they were still there when we came back.

There are ponies at this end of the barrier island, too.

The beaches were crowded, and it was still howling wind, so we drove slowly around the wildlife viewing area, but didn’t spend much time out of the camper, and headed back to the campsite relatively early.

Wildlife Photo Challenge, Number 9

Where the Yeocomico River meets the Potomac in Virginia, the trees are cluttered with eagles. There aren’t always this many, but nearly every time I’m there and outdoors, I see at least one. Kayaking I can paddle past a few trees with nests. This photo was taken early enough in the morning they hadn’t headed out yet; when I came back past an hour or so later, there were only a couple still hanging out. Note how disinterested they are as I paddle past!