Kayaking With ORFS

Tuesday, May 31: If it’s Tuesday, the ORFS (Outdoor Recreation for Seniors) must be on the water. Today we had a few walkers, 14 kayaks and a sailboat on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire. It was a beautiful day, with enough of a breeze to kick up whitecaps.

I hope this imitation Victorian has an elevator – it looked like five floors of living space! I do like the tower space, with its walkway.

Workboat leaving the harbor

Last Portland Post

And about time, as I returned to Vermont last Monday! But there were still photos I wanted to share. Being a coastal city, coastal life and boating are featured in much of the public artwork.

And one night we got Thai takeout – not something available around me in rural Vermont! Portland is a very cosmopolitan city, with many immigrants and refugees, so the food available is diverse.

Crab Rangoon? Spring rolls? Yes, please. And in the lower left of the plate was a dish I’d not met before (and don’t remember the name, either) of many veggies, with shrimp, and a light peanut sauce over all. It was outstanding. The Pad See Ew with chicken was less impressive, too salty for my taste.

And on the drive home, Shawnee Peak Ski Area (yes, I usually think of the Shawnee in the Poconos, but there’s a different one in Maine!) still had snow, across a lake that had only recently lost its ice: