Turkeys on the Move

It’s turkey season – I rarely go out on back roads these days without seeing at least one, or a group, or multiple groups. They are crossing the roads, walking along them, in the fields, flying across – and what’s amazing is that as soon as hunting season happens, they will vanish from sight! It’s hard, though, to get decent photos when driving; if one stops, they melt into the shrubbery. I guess these were far enough away they felt safe.

Knitting Completed – and Turkeys!

Driving out to our Quaker Meetinghouse, I had to stop for these turkeys, of which there were about 25 – and once I had stopped, they were in no hurry to move on! I should have taken the white papers off the dashboard for better photo quality, though.

And our rustic 1820 Meetinghouse makes a great background for photos – I like how the bright striped yarn contrasts with the backgrounds. This cell phone pocket was requested by a friend in Maryland, who watched me finish up those bright socks recently posted. The cord was crocheted onto the sides of the pocket, and I used I-cord to make the strap and button loop. Another yarn out of my stash – although I had to use a bit of yellow from another project to finish the flap. And my camera looks like it’s winking at you!

Turkeys in the Yard

I’m pet sitting in Connecticut for a few days. I started out the front door to get something from the camper, and there were five turkeys strolling across the yard! Retreating back behind the screen, I pulled out the camera and got a few shots as they walked out into the road, and then up the driveway to check out my Roadtrek,

and then off toward the woods. They sped up considerably when a couple of young men on bicycles came whizzing past, making gobbling noises!