ORFS at McDaniels Marsh

Tuesday, August 31: Another Tuesday, and Outdoor Recreation for Seniors was at it again! Nearly 20 of us were on the water, and another few hiked on a gorgeous day, without the heat that’s made life uncomfortable lately.

One image I failed to capture is of the mountains to the west, Croydon Peak and Grantham Mt. Part of the area is a private game park, from which apparently wild boar have escaped:


And I liked the view over the spillway.

Kayaking Knapp Pond II

From the far end of the pond – note the beaver lodge.

Saturday was a glorious day, and I spent a couple of hours of it on this pond. Before I even launched, I could see a turtle and a goose – and it was a day for turtles!

Nearly every log and stump had at least one turtle – sometimes as many as seven! I didn’t get a photo of the four that swam under my boat – or the very large snapping turtle swimming. It dove when I got close enough to see that it was at least 15 inches across, and pulled out the camera.

There was also a lively goose family:

There were at least six little fluff balls, although not all of them were all visible at the same time.

There was also this pair of ducks – probably Common Mergansers, based on the bright orange bills and legs:

That’s as far as the boat will go –
And this pair of mallards was hanging out when I went back to the boat ramp.