Great Northern Yarn Haul #3

Thursday, July 22: The previous night I’d gathered with a flock of other knitters in Boscawen, New Hampshire, near Concord. We’d eaten extremely well, with several of us contributing food. That morning I headed out, aiming for Elegant Ewe, in Concord, the first yarn shop of the day. On the way, I was amused by this sign – I like when a business exhibits a sense of humor! From Elegant Ewe I continued on to Rochester, NH, and Smitten. This was not my favorite stop – hard to spot while driving, my directions had me pull on to a side street with no parking, and, once I had figured out I could park in back of the shop, the steps up to the entrance were very steep for my aging joints! In all these shops, I was looking for two yarns that would be right for two cowls I want to make, in the perfect weight and perfect colors – but mostly I’m interested to see what local yarn shops choose to carry, and how they display it. And so I cruise through, making sure I see everything – there’s a lot out there I’d love to knit, but don’t NEED right now, and I’ve been very disciplined about not buying.

Next on the list was Spinning Yarns, in Dover, New Hampshire. This one was easy to find – but there was sewer construction tying up the area, the policeman directing traffic was no help at all in suggesting where I should look for parking (“Just find any legal spot.”), but I was able to find a spot not too far away in a public lot. And I did find one of my target yarns. Then it was on to Maine, a very pleasant drive on back roads across to York and

This is a great shop, right on US Route 1 and with a lovely large parking lot where it was easy to park the camper. There I found a yarn that I hadn’t realized I was looking for, but I like to keep on hand something in safety orange, and they had it.

My last yarn stop of the day was in South Portland, at Knitting Nook. This was also easy to find, and while I did like their small but carefully curated collection, I resisted purchase. Then it was on to Portland, my destination for a few days. Portland has a gorgeous park, Eastern Promenade, on the north eastern edge of the city, overlooking the harbor. There I met a friend I’ve watched grow up, and we sat on a bench and enjoyed all the people out on a perfect evening, sailboats racing in the distance, kayakers in the harbor, and a full moon rising as we left.

Kayaking Goose Pond With ORFS

Outdoor Recreation for Seniors went to Goose Pond in Canaan, New Hampshire, kayaking, then hosted for home made ice cream at the home of two members. The sky was very hazy with smoke from fires in the western states, but that didn’t keep us from having a great time – and with half a dozen flavors of ice cream, there was something for everyone! I had several somethings. But I didn’t take a picture of the selection – I was too busy choosing!

Rock grows around tree???
Loaded up, heading for home.


The Thunder Gods have been active ever since I came down to Connecticut, so I’m not kayaking. The boat is sitting out getting washed, and washed again, by the rain! My camera and I are using breaks in the weather to wander the yard, and getting a lot of knitting done.

Great Northern Yarn Haul #2

Isn’t this the cutest yarn shop ever?!? Parked in front of the Mad River Fiber Mill, which also is a yarn and fiber shop as well as a small batch fiber mill, this stop was two of the listings for the Great Northern Yarn Haul. And on the wall of the mill:

Funny colors for sheep!

Ongoing Life is Getting Ahead of Me!

I went to south central Vermont on Saturday to visit a friend for the first time in well over two years – well, there was this pandemic in the middle! and found that in his mid-60s he’s discovered an aptitude for music! It turns out he can pick up pretty much anything and figure out how to play tunes, and he is building amadindas (xylophone of wood, derived from Africa) and banjos!! And playing banjo/percussion/jews harp/fiddle with a couple of groups. And having a great time! Building things does not surprise me; he’s a wizard with wood. And he can charm the chipmunks out of the woods. But even he had no idea he has a gift for making music!

After that I went to a local campground to meet another Roadtrek owner and family, and had a pleasant few hours hanging out with them.

And today, it being Tuesday, was kayaking with ORFS at Grafton Pond in New Hampshire. The message to the group was that they weren’t going to cancel, but rain was possible and if we decided to come, we should be prepared. And about 15 intrepid people showed up, and paddled for a couple of hours, and got varying degrees of wet, and saw loons (one pair with two chicks, one single with one chick, a couple of singles) and a huge snapping turtle swimming just off the launch. Unfortunately, my camera went through a freshly charged battery in three photographs, and I wouldn’t have pulled it out of its dry bag during the rain anyway, but I don’t have enough pics to justify its own post. 

Great Northern Yarn Haul

The Great Northern Yarn Haul is sponsored by yarn stores in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I’m using this as an excuse to go see what’s out there – I want to go to Portland anyway, and need to go visit my sister, and if I warp my routes to those places, I probably can visit more than half of the list of 28 shops. I’ve already crossed Six Loose Ladies off my list; I was there for Knit in Public Day (see previous post from a few weeks ago) and I go most Wednesdays now that we can knit together again.

Far View Farm is in Langdon, New Hampshire – and as you can tell from the photo, has a great view out to the Green Mountains in Vermont. They raise Icelandic sheep, and have the natural wool processed into yarn in the full range of colors of those woolly creatures. They also have fleece, as natural or carded roving, sheep skins, and some things from other vendors in their small store – and eggs and meat, although I’m more interested in the wool!

ORFS at McDaniels Marsh

This Outdoor Recreation for Seniors outing was cancelled – but not until I’d already left. As it turned out, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get the memo – the leaders were there (they decided that sun coming through was reason enough to head out) and they called another friend; another couple had also come without getting the message. It was mostly cloudy – but hot and muggy when the sun did come out. This is a great place for wildlife.