Dove of Snow

We’ve had wonderful snow for snow people, and snow sculpture of all kinds. This peace dove was created by a fellow retired art teacher (and she gets the photo credit); she’s done some other creative snow sculptures, too. I’m finding knitting to be warmer, though!

Today’s Completed Knitting Project

Another completed project for myself – these mitts are from the same overdyed yarn ( I used for the cowl posted last month:

I have a basic fingerless mitts pattern concept. For these, I slightly modified the lace pattern (from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible), taking one motif and elongating it to fit the length of the mitts. I find it interesting how the color blocking changes with the difference in distance around the circumference.


Bader likes to knit. Without opposable thumbs, he tends to do it with his teeth; he has to chew the knitting needles to get them out of the way, though! My knitting was out of reach for the night; this morning he watched wistfully, hoping to participate. Maybe.

More Productivity

This was the other project during the couple of days I spent in northern Vermont: my sister wanted a long rice sack to heat in the microwave, that would go halfway down her back and treat the aches around her shoulder blades. So I made the rice sack, with lots of tubes to contain the rice, and a collar to keep the back of the neck warm, and then a flannel cover for it. Below is the rice containment sack peeking out.