Kayaking the Connecticut River

Thursday, May 28: After a cook-out, appropriately physically distanced with half a dozen people, I went down to Herricks Cove on the Connecticut River. It was very windy, but I was eager to get out anyway, after a month or so without paddling. Herricks Cove whitecapsI wasn’t out for long – my shoulder is still tender after being landed on weeks ago – and the wind meant I needed to put some oomph into it! After 45 minutes, I was back at the ramp, but it was a nice way to end the day, and the exercise felt good. Herricks Cove peeling birch

Last of the Narcissus

Last NarcissusThe narcissus poeticus is the last to bloom, and the only one that still has unwilted blooms on it. In another week, they’ll be gone, too – but with the forget-me-nots, violets, and myrtle blooming, there’s plenty to take their place! And lilacs – a friend brought me a shopping bag full of lilacs pruned from one shading her garden, and they are now perfuming my house.


I tried a couple of times to persuade Forget-me-nots to grow somewhere around the house – but what is  now returning is a bunch of volunteers along the driveway! They are such a wonderful true blue color – not quite as brilliant as they were a few days ago, but still eye-catching.                                                        Forget-me-nots

A Few Too Many Knitting Projects?

(If there can be such a thing!)

“If you can count the number of projects you have going, you need to begin another, so you have a varied range of complexity, from the very simple ‘mindless’ ones to those that demand undivided attention.”    Laura Early, quoted in “The Shop on Blossom Street” by Debbie Macomber.

What I currently have on the needles: Current projectsThe blue sweater is awaiting info on buttons, so I can knit the button bands; otherwise it’s finished. The marled beige is the utilitarian sweater I’m making for me, as a work sweater. The sock twins got as far as I dared without the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, from which I plan to take the pattern for the top. The yarn was a souvenir from Prince Edward Island last year. Those two are my next alternating projects – until I can finish the blue. The white lace shawl was begun – and nearly finished – as a prayer shawl for a friend with stage 4 cancer – I put it aside when she died, and will wait to know who needs it before I pick it up again; it’s a strand each of alpaca lace and a fine linen. And the brioche stitch gold and brown is yarn hand spun by a friend; he lost enthusiasm and fell off the face of the earth. If he reappears, I’ll finish it – but he’s small, so it’s small, and I don’t know a lot of people who could wear it.

So something boringly simple (the utilitarian sweater) to very complex (the shawl); I tend to the complex, as i get bored with knitting if I don’t have anyone to chat with. Coming soon to a blog near you –



blue sweater frontblue sweater back

I had started casting off the neckline of this sweater, when the power went out at about dusk. I was able to get my solar light, which gives a lot light – enough to read or knit. But I decided not to finish binding off, and completed that this morning. I still need to do the button band, which I can’t do until I know what buttons my friend wants and how many.

Wild Things This Week

Spring continues in Vermont – with wildly variable weather. I find it interesting that some things are as colorful in the spring as in the fall –

wild things spring beauty 2wild things violet

My land, being forested and damp, has many different ferns, in addition to the ostrich fern from which I am able to gather fiddleheads in the spring. I counted six, just standing in the yard.

Candle for Connie

The mother of a friend died a few weeks before her 88th birthday, which would have been yesterday. In these days when memorials in person are not possible, the family suggested we light a candle, for her birthday, for her life. This is to honor a woman who was generous with her time and knowledge, and a dedicated crafts person. – which she passed on to daughter and granddaughter.  Connie's candle