Hood College Architecture

Hood architecture 6Hood College, Frederick, Maryland was the setting for my next Quaker conference of the summer. Baltimore Yearly Meeting gathers for about a week; I was there for five days. The architecture was what drew my camera’s eye. In no particular order (except that I tried to keep different images from one building together): Hood architecture 13

Hood architecture 2Hood architecture 3

Hood architecture 4Some of the buildings are in need of new paint – but some are freshly painted.  Hood architecture 5Hood architecture 7Hood architecture 8

Hood architecture 12

Hood architecture 16Hood architecture 17Except for the student union building, it’s a monoculture of architecture, in pretty much the same style. It was fun to photograph!


One thought on “Hood College Architecture

  1. Beth, Now I know where, locally, you were! I’ve never visited the college and know very little about it so thanks for the pictures! The buildings are handsome. Sometime you will have to tell me what you specifically do at the Quaker conferences you attend. The Gray boys, two spouses and assorted offspring are up at Little Moose having their usual energetic fun! No exciting news here but everything low key and pleasant. Theo is very busy subbing. XxxxxA

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