Kayaking Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire

Tuesday, September 1: Another Tuesday outing with ORFS (Outdoor Recreation for Seniors), this time on Lake Sunapee. We started at the southern end, in Newbury Harbor, paddled north up as far as The Fells, then south again – against a pretty stiff breeze! to Blye Landing where we lunched.

Little Free Library at the harbor

From our lunch stop:

Returning, again into a stiff breeze, although staying close to shore eliminated fighting with whitecaps!

Doesn’t look like it’s easy to get on and off that dock!

2 thoughts on “Kayaking Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire

  1. Beth, Wow, another festive aquatic event with your peers! I hope it was as much fun as it looked! I think that the reason that your pictured dock was so crowded with flower boxes is that the dock is the only place on the property that gets enough sun to grow sun loving flowers. The alternative would be cutting down a few trees! Anne

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