Visiting Mom

Our 98 year old mother lives at an assisted living facility in Connecticut. They are very serious about keeping the residents, and employees, safe and healthy.  Also the animals!

Everyone who enters goes through a health screening, and wears a mask. Visits are outdoors in the garden. Mom doesn’t retain why she’s expected to wear a mask, although that doesn’t concern me given that I’m masked, and over six feet away.

The weather was perfect – not too hot, slight breeze, and shade provided by the trumpet creeper on the trellis overhead.

These grapes were growing along the parking lot – if Mom saw them, and 20 years younger, she’d be making jam!

4 thoughts on “Visiting Mom

  1. Beth, That’s a wonderful picture of your mother, she reminds me of your granddaddy! The Gray gene pool is certainly dominant down through at least three past generations! As you keep up with the next two generations, who among them looks the most Gray? It’s Ned in our family. And Johnny in yours? You should compile a composite list with photographs! Anne

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