We Eat Well!

Cranberry Roulade was one of the leftovers we had for dinner last night (12/30) – it was prettier the first time, as I did a fancier job plating it with the sauce under on the plate and then drizzled over. This is a not very sweet dessert, with flavor contrast between the not very sweet chocolate sponge cake, and the tart cranberry whipped cream filling.

Tonight – New Years Eve – it was my turn to make dinner – Mango Shrimp: 

with rice, and flat green beans. Then for dessert what has now become a family tradition – creampuffs:

Then the three of us drove around to admire holiday light displays, then went to a neighbor’s for an outdoor, physically distanced bonfire. Photos from that next post.

2 thoughts on “We Eat Well!

  1. Yes, you all did and do eat well! And beautifully! It seems that the three of you had a very Christmassy Christmas, how lucky and what fun! We at Blakehurst are in almost total lockdown, urged to leave campus only for medical appointments and going into quarantine after any social visits. So Theo and I celebrated by telephone! The big event of Christmas Day for us was a Zoom call initiated by Philip which included me and every one of my lineal descendants, even Lucas, thirteen in all! We all had fun, conversation flowed, and it was real! Zoom and FaceTime are real gifts! Now, I read, you are back home to solitude and chill! I’m glad the puff is useful! Is wood your main source of warmth? Electric heaters, or what? Where do you travel to next? Happy New Year and lots of adventurous kayaking! Love, Anne

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