Family Filled Weekend

Tulips in front of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland

This weekend was the memorial service in Baltimore for my uncle (who died just after Thanksgiving at 101!) and his wife who died shortly after. Yesterday had intermittent rain and drizzle, but it never rained hard while I was walking from place to place, and it kept things cool. These tulips were in front of the church, adding a bit of cheer to a dreary day. Then we walked a couple of blocks – even my 96 year old aunt! – to the Maryland Club for the reception; lots of family visiting, with cousins coming in from the northeast, southwest, and west coast, and his wife’s family from North Carolina, and maybe other places. And there is still family in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. The food was amazing – there was one station with crab cakes, and I did my share; there also was a Middle Eastern table with roasted veggies, a couple of kinds of hummus, a few kinds of pita bread, stuffed grape leaves, etc. Waitstaff also circulated with trays of small munchies – mini beef Wellington, cheesy little bites, spanikopita, etc. There was also an open bar, but mostly I stuck with ice water. Their idea of a glass of wine was a large glass, filled to the rim – fine for those not driving, but I didn’t need it!

Today was the burial for them in the family plot in Prince Frederick, at the church across the street from the ancestral homes, where my grandparents and great grands raised their families.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Prince Frederick, Maryland

The reception that followed was at Linden, which was purchased by my great-grandfather in 1888, and where my grandfather and his siblings were raised. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places, and more spiffed up every time I visit. Two of my great aunts lived there until their deaths, roughly 100 years later, and at that time my grandfather gifted it to St. Paul’s; about 10 years after that the county acquired it for the use of the historical society and they manage it today. And they roll out the red carpet when the family wants to host events there – the director had brought out binders of clippings and photos of our family and Linden through the decades.

It has been great to spend time with the extended family, of several generations, telling stories, comparing memories of our grandparents and great aunts. I was able to hand off the green sweater ( to my cousin; talk to the next cousin in line for a sweater about style, trace one he brought that fits him well, and have him choose yarn; discuss with his daughter what she wants, and she has chosen yarn. So I have more knitting projects lined up from the yarn my aunt passed on to me!

3 thoughts on “Family Filled Weekend

  1. Niece, You covered every wonderful detail, including the generous spirit of reciprocal good will which I was hoping for! Thanks!!!!! ABG/P



    1. It sure is now – it was pretty shabby when the Historical Society took it over, and even a few years ago when I was last there – but they keep working on restoration, and the addition of the plants and rockers on the porch are the finishing touch on the outside. The inside is also newly painted, and I gather the restoration is moving upstairs.

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