Kayak Woodward Reservoir, Vermont

Wednesday, August 19: It was mostly cloudy, but with a decent weather forecast. Ha! No sooner had I pulled away from the launch than it started to sprinkle lightly. No problem.

This lake is home to some of the Farm and Wilderness camps; unfortunately they don’t seem to have campers in this year of Covid.

After about 10 minutes, it started raining harder. I paddled over to be under some hemlocks, which kept me dry – and had this interesting wounded bark next to me.

This photo looks like black and white – but I really was taking a color photo!

The rain lightened to a light sprinkle, and I paddled out to look at the pitcher plants, and a beaver dam and lodge:

Rain harder – duck under another hemlock. This one had these brilliant fungi.

Rain lighter – out across the water; rain harder, duck under another hemlock.

Rain lighter, out across more water; this time it stopped for the remainder of my paddle. Around an island, and under this bridge – there was a house on the island, but all that’s left is the foundation; it looks like it burned.

I made my way past this obstruction, and headed back to the launch.

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