Wildlife Photo Challenge, Number 9

Where the Yeocomico River meets the Potomac in Virginia, the trees are cluttered with eagles. There aren’t always this many, but nearly every time I’m there and outdoors, I see at least one. Kayaking I can paddle past a few trees with nests. This photo was taken early enough in the morning they hadn’t headed out yet; when I came back past an hour or so later, there were only a couple still hanging out. Note how disinterested they are as I paddle past!

7 thoughts on “Wildlife Photo Challenge, Number 9

    1. The travel challenge, which was suggested to me by an Australian, we were supposed to post 10 photos in 10 days, without labeling them. The wildlife challenge, I made up the rules – there are no rules. 10 photos of wildlife, not necessarily daily as I don’t always am able to post from home. I like things labeled, so I’m doing that.


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