Saturday – Local Yarn Store Day

I am so far behind! This should have been posted last Saturday, which was Local Yarn Store day. I was in Brattleboro to knit with a friend, and of course we had to go to the Local Yarn Store: Handknits, on Elliot Street. I bought a better needle for my current project (two at a time on one circular needle socks) and my friend bought yarn for a couple of projects, and needles. Across the street is an art gallery; the llama in the window caught my eye (Look! Fiber!), and then the meerkats next to it.

2 thoughts on “Saturday – Local Yarn Store Day

  1. I don’t blame you for not sending sooner, you had a very full day! Two socks on one needle, wow! I can imagine it, but——-! What was better about your new needle? Perhaps longer? I love llamas and meerkats too, and the ones you photographed were very cute! Brattleboro must be a nice town! ABG/P



    1. The cable is smoother, so the yarn slides along it much more easily. It’s a little longer, too, but mostly I was frustrated by not having a smooth enough cable.


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