Kayaking Bogue Sound

Bogue Sound westBogue Sound, looking west –

Kayaking, which is a perfect way to get exercise while practicing physical distancing, is really easy here – I went out and east about three miles, then up Bogue Sound Spooners Creek heronwhich had its own egret –

My favorite boat name of the day: Bogue Sound Squid RowEven better, it was in front of a very modest house, in that very high rent district.

Bogue Sound heronsThere was a pair of osprey – one had a tail like a fish! No, wait – that is a fish. Breakfast!

Bogue Sound osprey 1Bogue Sound pelican

Bogue Sound tortured treeThis weathervane actually worked – the others I saw, not so much. Bogue Sound weathervane chickAlthough why a chicken, out here on the end of a dock??

Looking east toward the Atlantic Beach bridge:Bogue Sound Atlantic Beach bridgeIt was a glorious morning to be out, and I feel like I got exercise!

Bogue Sound bouy

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